Interesting Facts about Korean Drama The Veil: action and mystery

Interesting Facts about Korean Drama The Veil: action and mystery. The MBC television station has released several teaser photos for their latest action drama entitled The Veil.

A mix of crime, mystery, action, and drama genres, The Veil is suitable for lovers of action dramas with various mysterious crime cases.

This drama tells the story of a NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent who suddenly disappears while completing a mission. He returns one year later to find the traitor who has brought him down.

1. The Veil is one of the MBC dramas that will air in the second half of 2021
2. Directed by Kim Sung Yong, the drama, also known as Black Sun, will air in early September with a total of 12 episodes
3. Actor Namgoong Min gives a different appearance and acting in this drama
4. He will play Han Ji Hyuk, the best NIS agent with sharp instincts, can speak several languages, and has extraordinary shooting skills
5. Not surprisingly, all members of the organization hope and depend on the figure of Ji Hyuk
6. The atmosphere changed 180 degrees when Han Ji Hyuk mysteriously disappeared in the course of a mission and put the NIS on the verge of a crisis
7. A year later, Ji Hyuk returns to take revenge on the criminal syndicate that once defeated him
8. Pak Ha Sun also stars in this drama as Seo Yoo Yeon, the leader of the Crime Information Center within the NIS who is involved in a special relationship with Han Ji Hyuk
9. Rookie actress, Kim Ji Eun plays Yoo Ye Ji, a talented woman who graduated early from KAIST University and a talented NIS agent

the veil

The Veil is the latest action drama that has been airing since September 18, 2021. 

The Veil tells the story of Han Ji Hyuk who suddenly disappeared when he almost succeeded in cornering a crime syndicate. Even when found, Han Ji Hyuk lost his memory, but he dared to return to the organization where he used to be to solve a case that had previously been stopped. Did it work or not, did Han Ji Hyuk convince his organization that he could work as usual?

In this drama, Namgoong Min will compete in acting with Kim Ji Eun and Park Ha Sun. Kim Ji Eun plays Yoo Je Yi, an elite agent who joined NIS at the age of twenty and is highly respected within the agency. As Han Ji Hyuk’s partner, he gradually begins to reveal the secrets of the hidden agency when he returns to NIS after one year.

Meanwhile, Park Ha Sun will play Seo Soo Yeon, the team leader at the NIS Crime Information Center, an intelligent agent who cares deeply about his team and its members.

1. Park Ha Sun gets praise from the author of The Veil

According to the release Popbela received, Park Seok Ho, writer of The Veil, revealed that Park Ha Sun’s passion for drama and her role was extraordinary.. Seo Soo Yeon is a character who shines but is also dark, warm but also cold. This is a role full of duality. Park Ha Sun managed to portray that duality through the character’s outstanding interpretation.

2. Park Ha Sun changed

There are unique facts behind the filming of The Veil. Although he received praise from the scriptwriter, Park Ha Sun was worried about his role, you know! He was worried if his appearance did not match the character he was playing.

Because in this drama Park Ha Sun made a total transformation. Starting from a sharp bob cut and smoky eye makeup, as well as a choice of NIS agent clothes with a neat look.

Park Ha Sun also practiced speaking in a lower tone of voice than usual and tried to be more accurate and sharp in pronunciation. Through this drama, he wants to show a new and different side. Although worried, in the end, he managed to bring it so nicely.

3. Park Ha Sun plays a very different character

Park Ha Sun reflected on the differences between her character and her real-life self. According to him, if he had to face the situation that Soo Yeon was in in the drama in real life, he would put everything aside and leave for good, instead of enduring it as Soo Yeon did.

Soo Yeon’s character gives Park Ha Sun a chance to think about a person’s pain and feel sorry for him. Luckily, Soo Yeon is only in the drama, huh.

4. Kim Ji Eun feels that the character she plays is very strange

While reading the script, many moments made Kim Ji Eun think that Yoo Je Yi’s behavior was strange. Ji Eun also worked hard to convey the strangeness she felt to the drama’s audience. To him, Yoo Je Yi was a curious figure that made one wonder at his every move.

To him, Yoo Je Yi was a curious figure who made one wonder at his every move. The message, one of the main points to watch out for in this drama is how each character has their their own secret story. Curious, right?

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