Korean Drama Review: Taxi Driver

Korean Drama Review: Taxi Driver.  Since the looks of Taxi Driver on the Viu application page, I’ve researched the synopsis of Taxi Driver, but because I’m busy with homework, I have never had time to observe it. Reporting from the Nielson Korea channel, the premiere of Taxi Driver Kdrama got high ratings, namely 8.7 percent and 10.7 percent. Cool!

Taxi Driver drama is customized from a webtoon and replaces The Penthouse 2. The premise is easy, the mysterious taxi driver provides revenge services for them, the victims who don’t get justice by the law.

Synopsis Taxi Driver

Kim Do-gi, a bright young man who graduated from Korea academy finds his mother murdered after strolling back from his assignment. Feeling hopeless and not knowing what to try and do, he’s taken prisoner to become a taxi driver in an exceedingly company that gives ‘revenge calls’ services.

Taxi Driver

Drama actor

– Lee Je-hoon as Kim Do-gi, the previous Captain of the 707th Special Mission Group who works for the Rainbow Taxi Company after his mother is killed

– Esom plays Kang Ha-na, a young elite prosecutor who is sensible and fights for justice

– Kim Eui-sung plays Jang Sung-Chul, CEO of Rainbow Taxi Company who is additionally Director of Blue Bird. Foundation established to assist victims of crime

– Pyo Ye-jin, as Go Eun a lady who encompasses a dark past but is sweet at hacking technology like hackers. he’s employed at Rainbow Taxi Company

– Jang Hyuk-jin as Choi Kyung-goo, maintenance technician at Rainbow Taxi Company

– Bae Yoo-ram as Park Jin-eon, a maintenance technician who works for Rainbow Taxi Company

– Cha Ji-Yeon as Baek Sung-mi, the CEO of Nakhon Credit who is nicknamed ‘The Godmother’, an influential figure within the underground economy

Review Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver Korean Drama may be watched every Friday and Saturday at 22.00 KST on SBS TV, now if I watch it via the Viu App because Taxi Driver is on the market with Indonesian subtitles. The male lead is Lee Je-hoon, he isn’t accustomed to playing dramas, you know, usually, he’s in movies, eh… suddenly he’s happy. The thing is, if he plays this film, there must move after you watch it directly, your adrenaline is pumped. We are treated to conflicts that make us feel reception.

It is told about people that don’t find justice by the law, although one in every of their family or he’s abused and killed. Not only that, they were humiliated, abused, tortured, even deliberately pushed to be stepped on by a motorcycle. Why? so these bullies get replacement money.

Later there’ll be flashbacks from the taxi driver players, who are the most characters and supporters. Why do they need to figure at this Rainbow Taxi Company? Because people who work on Rainbow aren’t just serving ordinary taxi services, but also serving those victims who are persecuted to require revenge.

There are 16 episodes of this Korean drama Taxi Drive, which can air one in every one of the parts about the feminine character Kang Maria. he’s an orphan, when he grows up he will work outside the muse. Uh, there’s an insurance one that offered Maria employment at an organization, she was promised to figure as an employee who holds a computer. But really, he was employed within the salted fish factory.

He doesn’t want it, it isn’t per the agreement. Eh, he was beaten by his boss, put in an exceeding bucket, and also the bucket was closed overnight. It clothed that the insurance broker was deliberately searching for people with special has to be used, with low pay and high flying hours. they’re locked from the surface and board the factory. Even Kang Maria was forcibly raped by her employees, born control pills which she said she said were vitamins. Nasty. Kang Maria tried to run back and forth due to the violence she received but always failed, once she was ready to run away, but there was a patrol policeman who found her. he’s returned to the factory, and therefore the cop gets monetary compensation from the evil owner of the corporate.

When Kang Maria was on the point of kill, she found a Rainbow taxi sticker on the bridge. In the end, he didn’t kill and was taken by Rainbow Taxi to see whether he would kill or not. Every story that ends, there’ll be another story but it’s never boring. the matter is that every case is different, but these cases are near the most characters within the taxi drivers.

Not always what the taxi driver team does is smooth, but sometimes the genius prosecutor smells what’s done. so that they are investigated, it’s just that each revenge service that has been dole out has never had strong evidence.

For those that sort of a tense show, Taxi Driver Korean drama is suitable to look at. except for people who don’t dare to observe the fight scenes, and they are bleeding, don’t watch it. The story is tough to follow, filled with mysteries and riddles to uncover cases. There are cases of illegal films like pornographic videos, which must be discovered where the server is. Because many ladies are tricked into dating their girlfriends, they’re videotaped like that. This happened in the real world. Then there have been also stray calls inquiring for money to be sent, Mom inquiring for credit, and so on. Exciting!

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