Review of Korean Drama ‘My Name’: Action of Revenge

Review of Korean Drama ‘My Name’: Action of Revenge. Netflix re-released the latest Korean drama titled My Name on Friday (17/10).
My Name tells the story of Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee), a 17-year-old girl who lost her father due to a mysterious attack.

Storyline My Name

Ji Woo, who witnessed his father being killed, then ventured to find out who the killer was behind the death of his parents.

Ji Woo then meets Choi Mu Ji (Park Hee Soon), the head of the Dongcheonpa drug crime group who is a relative of his father. With the help of Mu Ji, Ji Woo learns martial arts at Dongcheonpa.

Six years later, Ji Woo appears with the new identity of Oh Hye Jin. He became a detective in the drug investigation unit of the police department.

There, he meets Jeon Pil Do (Ahn BoHyun) and solves drug cases together. Oh, Hye Jin also secretly becomes a spy while finding out the facts behind her father’s death.

My Name

Thrill Action

Since it was announced to be broadcast, My Name is expected to feature tense action scenes. This is true for all eight episodes of this drama.

The action scenes of this drama feel real with very few cuts in editing. The audience could see Han So Hee being slammed, kicked, or hit.

Not only is Han So Hee’s action amazing, the battle scenes of other players including the character Do Gang Jae (Chang Ryul) are no less exciting to enjoy.


For lovers of mystery series, the plot of the My Name story may be easy to guess. Even so, this does not necessarily make My Name unenjoyable.

This drama still packs a story with a few twists that might make some viewers fooled.

In addition, My Name’s story with a forward and sequential plot from episodes one to eight also makes this drama not give room for ‘questions’ in the minds of the audience, which often leads to confusion.

My Name managed to explain all the conflicts and resolve them as well as successfully stir the emotions of the audience.

Drama actor

Han So Hee became the prima donna in the drama My Name. From an emotional point of view, he managed to transform into the figure of Yoo Ji Woo, a young woman who is fragile but also strong at the same time.

He also managed to give the best performance with tense action. According to reports, Han So Hee did not use a stunt double and was willing to learn martial arts for this role.

Han So Hee’s acting also received praise from the audience through social media. Many say that this 1994-born actress has successfully stepped out of her acting comfort zone, which has been struggling with feminine and gentle characters.

More Info

If in The World of The Married Han So Hee played the role of an actor, and in the meantime played a student who got PHP by her crush, then in the synopsis of the drama My Name, So Hee looks fierce and not sweet.

Even so, he still looks cute behind his often battered face when playing the character of Ji Woo.

Back to the synopsis of the drama My Name, you must be curious will Ji Woo find his father’s killer?

What Ji Woo goes through to find out the killer leads her to meet a man who makes her life worthwhile.

For the first time, Ji Woo has a purpose in life other than finding and killing his father’s killer.

There’s a Surprise at the End of the Episode
Surprises will occur in the final episodes of the My Name drama synopsis, you should look forward to it.

The Korean drama My Name is indeed only 8 episodes, quite short when compared to other dramas which have an average of 16 episodes.

Even so, this one drama presents tension throughout its episode. In the early episodes, the story feels very ordinary, but wait until you watch the next episodes.

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