The Totality of Each Kiss Scene, Korean Actor Called The Best Kisser

The Totality of Each Kiss Scene, Korean Actor Called The Best Kisser. If you like romantic Korean dramas, surely, one of the most awaited scenes is the kiss scene between the main characters. In almost every romance drama, the kiss scene is one of the highlights that makes the drama more ‘spicy’.

Well, here are ten Korean actors who are always in totality every time there is a kiss scene with their co-stars to be dubbed the best kisser. Immediately see, come on!

1. Gong Yoo was dubbed The Best Kisser because of his kiss scene in Coffee Prince that made me gawk

2. Lee Jong Suk also always looks forward to his kiss scene with netizens in every drama

Actor Lee Jong Suk is a Korean artist who is known for his kissing acting skills that hypnotize the audience. His roles in ‘I Hear Your Voice’, ‘W’, ‘While You Were Sleeping’, and ‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ had touching kiss scenes.

3. Not only handsome, but Hyun Bin is also really good at making the audience flutter every time there is a kiss scene with his co-star

4. Park Seo Joon is also dubbed as The Best Kisser because of his kiss scene in the drama Fight For My Way

Adegan ciuman Park Seo Joon di drama ‘Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim‘ jadi viral di Youtube. Bagaimana tidak, sebab ia bisa membuat semua pecinta K-drama jatuh cinta dengan adegan ciuman itu. 

Selain drama ini, ada beberapa drama lain yang membuat Park Seo Joon dikenal dengan kemampuan ciumannya. Drama tersebut adalah ‘Fight for My Way‘ dan ‘She Was Pretty‘.

5. Ji Chang Wook is also famous, here, as an actor who is total when there is a kiss scene with his co-star

Ji Chang Wook menjadi artis korea ciuman terbaik yang dijuluki best kisser nih. Ia menjadi salah satu aktor Korea yang dikenal punya adegan ciuman yang panas. Mulai dari drakor ‘Healer‘, ‘Suspicious Partner‘, hingga ‘Lovestruck in The City‘ punya adegan ciuman yang berkesan.

6. Another scene that the audience can’t forget is the kiss scene of Lee Jin Wook with his co-star, Cho Yoon Hee in the drama Nine, making them nervous

7. Park Hyung Sik is also included in the ranks of actors nicknamed Best Kisser, here! His scene with Park Bo Young made the audience scream excitedly

8. Yoo Yeon Seok is also always total when doing kissing scenes in his dramas, for example in Dr. This romantic!

9. Since he was a rookie actor, Seo In Guk has been nicknamed the Best Kisser because every kiss scene amazes everyone!

10. Jo Jung Suk has also been named an actor who is very total in the kissing scene, very soulful!

11. Park Shin Hye. The Korean kissing artist nicknamed the best kisser is Park Shin Hye. He performs well and can adapt to his co-stars in various dramas. For example, in the drama ‘Heartstrings’, his kiss with Jung Yong Hwa became a lot of conversation at that time.

Collaborating with Lee Jong Suk in ‘Pinocchio’ he did the same thing. Netizens can feel his romantic kiss. In ‘The Doctors’ the kiss is no less romantic.

12. Park Bo Young. Park Bo Young’s latest drama, ‘Doom at Your Service’ collided with Seo In Guk’s acting which made the audience. The romantic kiss scene in the drama can make netizens smile. Likewise his kissing scene in ‘Strong Girl Bong-soon’ to ‘Abyss’ no less anesthetizes the audience when he kisses his co-star.

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