Korean Actresses Who Starred in More Than Two Dramas in 2021

Korean Actresses Who Starred in More Than Two Dramas in 2021. Currently, Korean dramas are one of the things that are loved by various groups in all parts of the world. They think that the storyline presented by Korean dramas is always fun to watch and at the same time makes them curious. In addition, the acting of the actors and actresses who are always total when playing characters in a drama is also one of the attractions that makes Korean dramas much popular.

Along with the number of fans, the more exciting drama titles that air this year. Some of the actors and actresses whose acting skills are unquestionable also appear to have starred in more than one drama title this year. Well, here are 7 Korean actresses who will star in two dramas in 2021. Listen, let’s go!

1. Kim So Hyun

Kim So Hyun’s ability in acting has been recognized by many Korean drama fans. Starting a career at a young age makes his abilities more mature. This year, he has also starred in two popular dramas, namely Love Alarm Season 2 and also a sageuk drama titled River Where the Moon Rises.

These two dramas also managed to attract the attention of many viewers. Love Alarm is indeed a drama that has been eagerly awaited for its second season after two years ago airing the first season. Meanwhile, River Where the Moon Rises became one of the sageuk dramas that received high ratings. In this drama, Kim So Hyun managed to present extraordinary acting as a tough woman.

2. Lee Hyeri

Hyeri is one of the idols who are now successful in the acting world. Began to be known when playing the character Sung Deok Sun very nicely in the drama Reply 1988, now he is also always trusted to be the main actor in several drama titles. Having just finished her drama entitled My Roomate Is a Gumiho last July, Hyeri was immediately confirmed to return to the small screen by starring in a sageuk drama entitled When Flowers Bloom I Think of the Moon.

This drama is also Hyeri’s first drama that carries the sageuk genre. This time he will be paired with actor Yoo Seung Ho. The drama When Flowers Bloom I Think of the Moon itself will start broadcasting on December 30, 2021, on the KBS2 television station.

3. Ahn Hee Yeon

Korean Actresses Dramas in 2021

Ahn Hee Yeon or better known by her stage name Hani is a member of the girl group EXID. Just like Hyeri, she is now more focused on her career as an actress by starring in several drama titles. His acting skills proved to be worth waiting for because this year alone he has starred in two drama titles as the main character.

The first drama he starred in this year was titled You Raise Me. In this drama, he managed to build good chemistry with his co-star, Yoon Shi Yoon. Meanwhile, his latest drama, Idol: The Coup, is currently airing. This drama tells about the lives of Korean idols who have to struggle to gain popularity in the entertainment world. Besides Hani, this drama also stars several other popular idols.

4. Go Min Si

Go Min Si’s name has skyrocketed since starring in the drama Sweet Home in 2020. This year, he also managed to star in three Korean drama titles, including Love Alarm Season 2, Youth of May, and also a drama called Jirisan which is currently airing.

In one of his dramas, Youth of May, Go Min Si competes with Lee Do Hyun as a couple who have a love story with a tragic ending. The chemistry they built was successful in making the audience paper. In fact, in the drama Sweet Home, both of them act as brothers.

5. Han So Hee

Another young actress whose name is currently on the rise. This is Han So Hee. Famous for her antagonist role as an actor in the drama The World of the Married, this year Han So Hee dared to take on a much different role from her previous roles.

In the drama Nevertheless, she plays the role of Yoo Na Bi, a woman who is traumatized by love after her first love journey ended badly. Not believing in love anymore, he is then met with Park Jae Eon (Song Kang) who is known to be friendly and has many dates.

In the same year, Han So Hee also managed to amaze the audience through a drama titled My Name which aired on Netflix. The character he plays also seems to be 180 degrees different from the figure of Yoo Na Bi that he played before. This time, she plays a tough woman named Yoon Ji Woo who has the ambition to take revenge for her father’s death.

6. Park Gyu Young

Always a supporting actor, finally in 2021 Park Gyu Young managed to get his first leading role in a drama titled Dali and Cocky Prince. Collaborating with Kim Min Jae, Park Gyu Young this time plays the character of a famous family only child named Kim Da Li who is smart but very innocent.

Previously, in the same year, he also had time to star in a drama genre law, namely The Devil Judge. However, in this drama, he has a tragic love story along with GOT7’s Jinyoung.

7. Kim Hye Yoon

Kim Hye Yoon is currently starring in a drama titled Secret Royal Inspector and Joy which airs on tvN every Monday and Tuesday. Despite carrying the background of the Joseon kingdom, Secret Royal Inspector and Joy presents an exciting and refreshing storyline. In this drama, Kim Hye Yoon plays a widow named Jo Yi who helps a secret inspector uncover some crimes.

Meanwhile, on December 18, another drama that he starred in will also start its premiere. The play is titled Snowdrop. This drama is one of the long-awaited dramas by fans because it features a row of promising players.

Wow, the series of actresses above are very productive for their work, yes! Among them is your favorite actress, no?

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