Song Hye Kyo’s Drama Before Now We Are Breaking Up

Song Hye Kyo’s Drama Before Now We Are Breaking Up. Song Hye Kyo is getting attention again after her comeback in the drama Now We Are Breaking Up. Song Hye Kyo’s charm is indeed so durable since her appearance in the first drama made her name immediately soar.

Song Jong Ki’s ex-wife is arguably the queen of Korean dramas because she almost always gets the main role in every title she plays.

Besides Now We Are Breaking Up, what dramas have previously starred Song Hye Kyo? Here’s the review.

1. Encounter

This drama tells the story of an ordinary man named Kim Jin Hyuk and the daughter of a rich and powerful politician named Cha Soo Hyun, growing up and liking each other. They must be able to decide between having all the pleasures and authority of the world or being able to give it all up to be together.

2. Descendants of the Sun

A soldier named Yoo Shi Jin belonging to the South Korean Special Forces falls in love with a beautiful surgeon named Kang Mo Yeon. However, their relationship was very short-lived due to the professions that separated them.

3. That Winter, The Wind Blows

Oh, Soo is an orphan who is heartbroken because his first love dies. He then leads an aimless life as a high-risk gambler. Oh, Young is a lonely heir who is blind and lives alone without a family. The two then learn the true meaning of love after meeting each other.

4. Worlds Within

Jun Jun-Young is a producer who works in the male-dominated world of dramatic creativity. His mentor Jung Ji Oh initially makes his life miserable, but later finds his affection for a hard-working and passionate newcomer.

5. Full House

A best friend named Han Ji Eun sends her on a trip to Japan while they sell her house. On his way, he then met Lee Young Jae, a popular actor and upon his return, he realized that his house had been bought by him and the two decided to live together at home.

Song Hye Kyo

6. Rays Of Sunshine

Yun Woo’s father died and then his mother remarried. Min Ho, an old friend, decides to become a police officer to catch his father’s killer. Eun Sup on his return to Korea stops his lover from marrying but gets an outright refusal. They all then started living in the same house.

7. All In

Kim In Ha knows Choi Jung Won, is a son from a very rich family. He tries to tempt her into doing evil deeds. The two then fall in love with Min Soo Yeon and as they try to get revenge for their father, their lives turn in very different directions.

8. Guardian Angel

Jung Da So bears the stigma of being a single mother raising her late boyfriend’s child as her own. Ha Tae Woong, who was raised by his uncle after his mother’s death, is unable to meet his father. Through fate, Da Soo gets to meet Tae Woong, Sae Hyun, and Ji Soo and see human nature at its best and worst.

9. Hotelier

This drama is about a businessman who wants to be able to take over a hotel and smash his business into pieces. He got to know the staff and then fell in with one of them without telling them what his purpose was to stay so long in the hotel.

10. Autumn In My Heart

It turns out that Yong Sang and Eunseo lived as brothers and sisters and mixed with other girls at birth. Soon, the Yoon family will go to the United States and leave Eunseo to live directly with her real Korean family. Several years later, Jun Seo returns to South Korea and meets again by chance.

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