Facts about Ju Ji Hoon, the actor in the Korean drama ‘Jirisan’

Facts about Ju Ji Hoon, the actor in the Korean drama ‘Jirisan’.

The Korean drama Jirisan, starring Ju Ji Hoon, is currently on the rise, even though it has only aired two episodes.
This drama tells the mystery of Mount Jiri which is the second-highest mountain in South Korea.

In addition to an interesting story, this series is also a comeback for actor Ju Ji Hoon after a long time not appearing in the Korean drama industry.

Chosen as the main character in the drama Jirisan, Ju Ji Hoon is known to be one of the popular actors in Ginseng Country.

So what are some interesting facts about Ju Ji Hoon?

1. Formerly a model

Ju Ji Hoon was born and raised in Seoul, May 16, 1982. The 39-year-old man is a graduate of Kyonggi University and Tongwon College majoring in e-Business.

His handsome face and ideal body made Ju Ji Hoon manage to steal the attention of many people. He decided to enter the world of entertainment as a model in 2003, Mother.

Since his career as a model, Ju Ji Hoon has collaborated with various leading brands such as Levi’s, Reebok, to Calvin Klein.

Ju Ji Hoon’s gait in the acting world only started in 2006, Mother. He got the chance to become an actor when his manager introduced him to a director.

The director was then interested in making Ju Ji Hoon an actor in a colossal-themed romantic comedy Korean drama. Since then, Ju Ji Hoon has managed to make his name in the acting world.

2. Nicknamed the Crown Prince

Ju Ji Hoon immediately played the main role when he entered the world of acting. He is believed to have starred in the 2006 Korean drama Princess Hours, Mother.
The manhwa adaptation series was broadcast on the MBC TV channel. Ju Ji Hoon plays Crown Prince Lee Shin who is betrothed to an ordinary high school student, Shin Chae Kyeong (Yoon Eun Hye).

Since playing his role as a prince, Lee Shin’s character has stuck with Ju Ji Hoon. He was even dubbed the Crown Prince in real life, Mother.

Since starring in the Korean drama Princess Hours, Ju Ji Hoon has successfully proven his ability in acting. He was immediately flooded with offers to play in Korean dramas and films in the following years. In the Korean drama Kingdom, he was again appointed to play the character of the Crown Prince.

Ju Ji Hoon

3. Have you ever played a musical?

In addition to Korean dramas and films, Ju Ji Hoon has also starred in a musical drama, you know. He played in the military-themed musical drama, Voyage of Life.

Ju Ji Hoon opposite actor Lee Joon Gi. The musical, which marks the 60th Anniversary of the North and South Korean War, was also produced by the Ministry of Defense and the Korea Music and Theater Association.

This Taurus zodiac man is quite mastered in the field of music. Apart from having a golden voice, Ju Ji Hoon can also play the piano. He had taken a course with a professional pianist when he studied his role as a musician in the Korean drama Five Fingers in 2012.

Now starring in Jirisan, Ju Ji Hoon is very close to the Korean drama crew, you know. Read on the next page, Mother.

4. Very close to Jirisan team

The success of the Korean drama Jirisan did not escape Ju Ji Hoon’s role as the main character. Not only was he able to raise the rating of the Korean drama Jirisan, but he was also very close to the production team.
Previously, Ju Ji Hoon had often worked with scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee. They even had time to work on the Korean drama project Kingdom which was very popular in 2019.

They often meet at work, their relationship becomes very close, Mother. He even considered Kim Eun Hee like his own aunt.

“We’ve been working together for about five years. Right now I feel like she’s an aunt who I always visit when I’m on vacation,” said Ju Ji Hoon, quoted from Soompi.

5. His acting is widely praised

Not only having a good relationship with the crew on the field, but Ju Ji Hoon also received praise from them. The Jirisan production team praised Ju Ji Hoon’s acting ability.

The producers of the action and mystery genre of Korean dramas said that Ju Ji Hoon was very charming when he played the character, Kang Hyun Jo.

“Kang Hyun Jo is a charming character, and he could not be played well if not by Ju Ji Hoon. Viewers can look forward to Ju Ji Hoon’s very strong acting and abilities,” they commented.

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