Jirisan Korean Drama Review Episode 1 and 2

Jirisan Korean Drama Review Episode 1 and 2

Here’s a review of the Korean drama Jirisan:

Jirisan Episode 1

In this initial episode, the story and charm of Jirisan are told and the arrival of Kang Hyun Jo who is greeted by the busy mountain rangers who are trying to find the missing Ranger in Jirisan.

Also seen in this early scene highlights the arrival of Kang Hyun Jo for the first time at Jirisan station.

Episode 1 of Jirisan begins with an explanation by a middle-aged man about Jirisan who holds the story and charm of the beauty of Mount Jiri.

The scene highlights Jirisan’s journey which is still strong and beautiful through various seasons.

Jirisan that has been visited by people for a long time becomes a land of hope for one, but also a place of cruel death for others.

In the end, the unnamed middle-aged man mentioned that Jirisan became an important place between this world and the next.

Up to this point, it seems that the explanation by the middle-aged man was telling about Jirisan’s situation in the past.

Because the scene switches to 2018 where Joo Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo comes to Haedong Ranger Station for the first time.

Kang Hyun Jo looked at the station building, then walked into it with a suitcase and bag.

As he approached the door, Kang Hyun Jo saw a patrol helicopter hovering above the station building.

Kang Hyun Jo opened the door and saw the mountain rangers running around.

Kang Hyun Jo, who was new, met the stationmaster Jo Dae Jin in his room.

Kang Hyun Jo introduced himself, but Jo Dae Jin who already knew Kang Hyun Jo’s arrival stopped him.

Jo Dae Jin shouted at his colleague named Jung Gu Yeong, then told Kang Hyun Jo to follow him.

It turns out that all the rangers are being deployed to look for missing people in Jirisan.

The rangers rushed to grab ropes and other rock-climbing equipment, then ran to the patrol car.

Meanwhile, a frantic Kang Hyun Jo looked for the right shoe size for him and ran out of the station with him.

It looks like Kang Hyun Jo is still panicking because all the patrol cars have stepped on the gas.

However, Jung Gu Yeong stopped and told Kang Hyun Jo to quickly get into the car and they went to the last location of the missing victim.


Jirisan Episode 2

Kang Hyun Jo who followed the clues from what he saw earlier revealed the fact that the bloody victim in the pine habitat was himself.

Kang Hyun Jo who has this ability looks like someone who has a sixth sense or a psychic.

Previously, Kang Hyun Jo tried to tell Seo Yi Kang about what he saw.

Kang Hyun Jo mentioned that he saw bloody people near the Mujin valley, precisely in the pine habitat.

But again Seo Yi Kang ignored Kang Hyun Jo’s ability which made the novice ranger decide to investigate it himself.

Kang Hyun Jo meets someone in the pine habitat who is looking for the body of his father who went missing one year ago.

Kang Hyun Jo decided to help him. But it turns out that the person is a fraud who deliberately kills the victim.

Kang Hun Jo ends up getting into a fight with a con artist that ends up getting stabbed by a knife.

Kang Hyun Jo tried to follow the yellow rope attached to the trees.

Right under the boulder in the Mujin valley, Kang Hyun Jo made a Jirisan-shaped signal with wooden twigs around it just like in the previous episode.

Kang Hyun Jo finally realized that the bloody victim he saw was himself.

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