The Latest Korean Drama with More Exciting Stories!

The Latest Korean Drama with More Exciting Stories!. Korean drama fans are spoiled by the rise of kdramathat recently came and aired on weekends. Studded with beautiful and talented stars, as well as presenting a variety of genres, this latest Korean drama makes viewers impatiently wait for the episodes that air every week.

Curious about the most popular Korean dramas that air on the weekends to accompany you to do me-time? Check out the following

1. Jirisan

This Korean drama which has a mix of thriller and mystery themes is produced by tvN. Jirisan tells the story of two people who will uncover the things behind a mysterious accident on the mountain. Initially, the accident on the mountain was thought to be just an ordinary accident. However, the incident was a premeditated murder.

The Korean drama ‘Jirisan’ stars the goddess in the Korean drama Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon. In addition, there are also other actors and actresses such as Sung Don Il, Oh Jung Se, and Jo Han Chul who took part in this hit drama.

In addition to presenting an exciting and unusual story, Jirisan also promises a beautiful view of the scenery from Mount Jiri. Mount Jiri is known to be the highest mountain on the plains of South Korea.

Premiered on October 23, ‘Jirisan’ will be available every Saturday and Sunday at 21.00 South Korean time.

2. The Red Sleeve

The return of 2PM’s Junho on the small screen starred in the latest colossal Korean drama titled ‘The Red Sleeve’, which airs every Friday and Saturday at 22.00 local time, since November 12, 2021 yesterday.

Broadcast on MBC, this Korean drama is an adaptation of a novel of the same name that tells the romance between a palace woman and a king in the 18th century.

Lee Junho plays the role of King Yi San who prioritizes country over love, before meeting Seong Deok Im, played by Lee Se Young. Seong Deok Im is a lady-in-waiting who wants to have a free life without being restrained by palace rules.

3. Now, We Are Breaking Up

The Latest Korean Drama

Even though the main character, Jang Ki Young, left the military, his latest drama with Song Hye Kyo managed to become a warm conversation for the audience. The reason is, this Korean drama which has a rating of 19+ presents a complicated relationship between the two main characters, Young Eun and Jae Guk. The K-Drama will highlight the love and breakup stories of adult couples.

The drama which also features Sehun EXO as an actor is present on the SBS television channel every Friday and Saturday, at 22.00 South Korean time.

4. Happiness

The cable channel tvN again presents hit dramas at the end of 2021. They collaborated with Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo who had been absent from the small screen for a long time.

Taking a unique genre of thriller-apocalyptic, ‘Happiness’ shows the chemistry of the two main characters who must fight to survive, while helping people from a deadly virus that keeps them isolated in an apartment.

Airing since November 5, 2021, ‘Happiness’ airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 20.40 local time.

5. Chimera

Success with his role in ‘Squid Games’, Park Hae Soo is back in the latest Korean drama which has been airing since October 31, 2021, every Saturday and Sunday at 22.30 South Korean time.

The series, directed by Kim Do Hoon, takes the thriller and suspense genre. This Korean drama tells the story of Chimera, which is an explosion incident that is then followed by a serial murder case. This makes detectives, doctors, and profilers work together to uncover the mystery behind this disturbing case.

I only Park Hae Soo, Claudia, and Lee Hee Joon joined in this drama.

Those are the 5 newest Korean dramas that air on the weekend. The K-Drama stories are getting more exciting and can be watched through movie streaming platforms such as ViU, Iqiyi, to Netflix. Ready to follow the drama on-going hits above?

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