Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ji Eun’s Newest Drama Again My Life in 2022

Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ji Eun’s Newest Drama Again My Life in 2022.

This time the latest news came from Korean actor Lee Joon Gi. Lee Joon Gi is rumored to be returning to the Korean drama screen. Lee Joon Gi will be starring in the drama Again My Life. The following is a synopsis of the drama Again My Life.


Synopsis Again My Life tells the story of Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi) who plays a young prosecutor who gets a second chance to investigate a corruption case.

During school, he often got the lowest grades. Kim Hee Woo, apart from having a law school background and having served in the military, is also a martial arts athlete.

While on duty to reveal the corruption case, Jo Tai Sop was killed by someone. But God again gave him a second chance to live again.
Then he meets Kim Hee Ah (Kim Ji Eun), the youngest daughter of the CEO of Cheonha Group.

Kim Hee Ah is smart and easygoing, then the two of them start a relationship. Their love affair is full of twists and turns.

Curious about the full story?

Again My Life

Fact Again My Life

1. SBS drama, Again My Life tells the story of a second chance at life after the main character experiences injustice
2. Lee Joon Gi will play a young prosecutor named Kim Hee Woo who is murdered after trying to uncover a corruption case
3. Having low academic grades, Kim Hee Woo has to take 3 entrance exams to law school
4. Kim Hee Woo also lives aside life as a martial arts athlete
5. Unfortunately, when Hee Woo tries to uncover the corruption case of a politician, he is killed unjustly
6. Kim Ji Eun was lined up as the female lead who played a character named Kim Hee Ah
7. Kim Hee Ah is the youngest daughter of the CEO of Cheonha Group
8. Besides being rich, Kim Hee Ah is also a genius girl with an easy-going personality
9. Besides starring Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ji Eun, Lee Kyung Young is also confirmed to join this drama, you know
10. Again My Life is adapted from a novel by Lee Hae Nal which was also released as a webtoon


The “start over from scratch” side at the beginning of the story might trap us a bit to think about the standard isekai plot. Moreover, usually, the main character immediately has advantages that make him overpowered.

Kim Hee Woo begins to live his life again as an ordinary student. He has no other abilities besides his knowledge of the future. To achieve his goal, he must work hard and use his knowledge to fulfill his revenge plan.

At one point Kim Hee Woo was indeed “lucky” as a businessman. But his success is also gradual and not shown much in the comics.

If you want to compare a bit, maybe this comic is somewhat similar to Medical Return. The difference is, one has a medical theme, this one has a legal theme. Then Kim Hee Woo’s character here also looks more focused and purposeful than Kim Jihyun in Medical Return.

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