Korean Drama Review: The Uncanny Counter

Korean Drama Review: The Uncanny Counter. The Uncanny Counter, one of the Korean dramas whose vibe, in my opinion, is not too “Korean”. Feels a bit “American” in some parts. It’s a bit hard to explain, but for people who like watching movies, you can feel it.

That’s why I most often recommend The Uncanny Counter for friends who love non-Korean series & films.

During its broadcast at the end of 2020, The Uncanny Counter received an extraordinary response and rating. Both from Korean viewers and international fans who watched this drama through Netflix.

Because of its popularity, production houses Neo Entertainment and OCN have even confirmed the broadcast of The Uncanny Counter season 2 this year. Production preparations have been made, although there are rumors of a change in the main cast.

There is speculation that Jo Byung Gyu, who plays So Mun, will be replaced following the many rejections from the Korean public.

FYI, Jo Byung Gyu some time ago was dragged into a bullying case. He was accused of bullying some of his school friends. Although until now the case has not been proven, several of Jo Byung Gyu’s work projects have been stopped.

I still hope that Jo Byung Gyu can continue to play in The Uncanny Counter season 2. Because, even though he is a young actor, his acting is not playful. Very good. Potential actor.

Back to the discussion of The Uncanny Counter.

The series is based on the Daum webtoon titled Amazing Rumor (gyeong-alone somun) by Jang Yi. For those who want to read the webtoon, it can be accessed on the Kakaopage. I only had time to read the first part of the webtoon, because it was paid. Hehehe.

The Uncanny Counter

Storyline The Uncanny Counter

Seven years ago, when So Mun (Joe Byeong Gyu) was on his way home with his parents, he was in a car accident that caused both his parents to die and So Mun’s legs become disabled. After the incident, he also lived with his grandparents.

Seven years later, four Counters Ga Mo-Tak (Yu Jun Sang), Do Ha-Na (Kim Se Jeong), Chu Mae-Ok (Yum Hye Ran), and Jang Cheol-Jung (Sung Ji Ru) are chasing a spirit. the evil that infiltrated the human body. Their job is to remove the evil spirit from the human body to be returned to the afterlife. But one day, they met a level 3 evil spirit which had fused with its human body. This level three evil spirit already has the knowledge to move things with his mind. Instead of capturing the evil spirit, they lost one of their Counter mates, Jang Cheol-Jung. If a Counter dies, the spirit in his body can die too if he doesn’t get a new counter body. Wi Gen, the spirit of Jang Cheol Jung immediately flew to find a new body to be used as a Counter. It was then that he went straight into So Mun’s body.

So Mun who has got a new spirit in his body is then introduced to the other Counter teams. He was also given an overview of what Counter is and what they do. At first, So Mun had no interest in becoming a Counter even though Miss Chu had healed the deformity in her leg. However, after he found out that he could meet his parents if he became a Counter, he finally agreed.

However, as time goes on, it’s not just evil spirits that are a problem for Counter members. There are politics with corrupt intrigues that they also need to uncover. Amid their pursuit, So Mun finally finds out that his parents did not die in an accident, but they died because they were killed while investigating a corruption case.

So, will the counter be able to investigate the case of So Mun’s parents? When they as Counters are not allowed to deal with human affairs using their Counter powers?

Review The Uncanny Counter

So, I watched this drama because I was interested in the Tailer (again, hahaha). It seems exciting to see a group of people who have superpowers as ghost conquerors. But it turns out that the storyline is stronger in political intrigue and corruption than about the ghost, and that’s what I don’t like.

The thing that makes me dislike it anymore is that I don’t like the characters and the main cast! If that’s the case, there’s no mercy. Because usually, I can survive a story that isn’t exciting just because it melts with the main character, hahaha hahaha. Or if it’s not the main character, then the second lead. But there’s nothing in this drama that I like, all the characters! What I’ve seen is that everything seems sloppy and not really. I even thought to myself why I could survive watching this drama, hmmm.

For those of you who haven’t watched the drama, I don’t recommend this drama, unless there are players that you like. For those who have watched it, I’m curious what do you think? Where does this drama come from? I’ll give it a 5/10 rating for the drama.

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