Korean Drama Revolutionary Sisters 2021 Review

Korean Drama Revolutionary Sisters 2021 Review. The Korean drama Revolutionary Sisters is quite popular in South Korea. This drama also managed to get a national rating of 26.3%. This is what makes the audience more curious about the drama.

Drama Revolutionary Sisters officially releases on March 13th. Currently, the episode aired has reached 20. However, as reported by Soompi, this drama will be on hiatus due to one of the players who are in close contact with a COVID-19 patient.

Synopsis Revolutionary Sisters

Drakor Revolutionary Sisters lifts the genres of romance, melodrama, comedy, and mystery. The drama opens with a mother who is the victim of a murder. All members of his family became suspects in the murder of his mother or wife.

Lee Cheol Soo is the father of his three daughters, Lee Kwang Nam, Lee Kwang Sik, and Lee Kwang Tae. Prior to the murder case, he filed for divorce from his wife. Lee Cheol Soo also doesn’t get along with his three children.

Lee Kwang Nam is the eldest daughter with a selfish nature and pride in herself. Lee Kwang Sik, the smart and fair second daughter. Although he does not receive love from his parents, he is very wise and caring.

While Lee Kwang Tae, the youngest daughter who is smart. Her current job is part-time and unmarried. In addition, there is another figure of Han Ye Seul, a man who came to Seol to fulfill his dream of becoming a rock singer. Judging from the characters, is it true that the mother was killed by one of her family?

Revolutionary Sisters

Cast and Staff

The Korean drama Revolutionary Sisters is directed by Lee Jin Seo and the scriptwriter is Moon Young Nam. While the actors and actresses who play are also no doubt about their abilities.

For example, Yun Jun Sang, the veteran actor who plays Lee Cheol Soo. The child character Lee Cheol Soo will be played by actress Hong Eun Hee, Jeon Hye Bin, and actress Go Won Hee.

Not only are the main characters interesting, but several supporting actors are no less popular. Call it actor Choi Dae Chul, actress Lee Sang Sook, and newcomer actor Sul Jung Hwan.

Review Revolutionary Sisters

The reason why you should watch the Korean drama Revolutionary Sisters is because of the plot that is presented. Seeing the drama poster, you must think that this drama has the theme of family and sweet relationships.

very suitable to accompany you to release stress. Although it contains an element of mystery, the story that is raised is relatively light. Moreover, there is a funny story about the three brothers and sisters.

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