[Review] Replay: The Moment 2021

[Review] Replay: The Moment 2021. The web drama “Replay” is Miyeon (G)I-DLE’s acting debut project since it officially debuted in 2018. In this web drama, she collided with actors Kim Min Chul, SF9’s Hwiyoung, Marco, and Choi Ji Soo. Miyeon also filled in the OST for this web drama titled “Dreaming About You”.


Title: Replay: The Moment / Replay / Ripeullei : tie sijakdoeneun sungan / :
Director: Ko Hee Seop
Writer: Kang Min Chae
Channel: LIKE THAT
Premiere: January 19 on OTT platforms, January 26, 2021, on YouTube LIKE THAT
Episodes: 10

Synopsis Replay The Moment

“Replay,” tells about the experience of love in adolescence, and dreams at the age of 18, where sometimes feelings of insecurity and innocence arise. This drama focuses on the story of 5 teenagers who are members of a band at school. Each of them has its own story and problems, especially about love and dreams.

Replay The Moment drama


Yoo Ha Young (GI-DLE’s Miyeon), Gong Chan Young (Kim Minchul), Lee Ji Hoon (SF9’s Hwiyoung), Im Seo Eun (Choi Jisoo), and Shim Tae Young (Marco) are members of a high school band.

Yoo Ha Young, having a beautiful and confident face, is the vocalist of the band. Gong Chan Young is a shy man and is a keyboard player.

Lee Ji Hoon, the handsome boy at school who looks cold, becomes the guitarist. Im Seo Eun, a beautiful girl plays bass while Shim Tae Young becomes a talented drummer.

Their acquaintance began when Ha Young met Chan Young by accident while on her way to school. Chan Young turns out to be the new kid at their school.

Chan Young was asked by a music teacher to join a band as a keyboard player. Chan Young also met with four other band members namely Ha Young, Ji Hoon, Seo Eun, and Tae Young.

Ji Hoon, who has been secretly harboring feelings for Ha Young, feels jealous seeing Ha Young’s closeness to Chan Young. Seo Eun who knows Ji Hoon’s heart, tells him to immediately express his love for Ha Young.

Finally, Ji Hoon also chooses to express his love for Ha Young. This gave rise to a love triangle story within their band.

Can their friendship be maintained? How will their next band perform? Who did Ha Young finally choose?

Find the answer by watching Korean web drama Replay every Tuesday and Friday on KakaoTV, Seezn, or Naver TV Cast starting January 19, 2021, or on your digital subscription service.

Cast Replay The Moment

Miyeon (GI)-DLE as Yoo Ha Young
Yoo Ha Young is the main vocalist of the band Neon Paprika. She is a beautiful girl. He is also a Youtuber and full of confidence.

Kim Min Chul as Gong Chan Young
Gong Chan Young is the keyboard player for the band Neon Paprika. He has a shy, adorable, and cute nature.

Hwiyoung SF9 as Lee Ji Hoon
Lee Ji Hoon is the guitarist of Neon Paprika. Even though he looks cold, he is very kind, caring, and secretly likes Yoo Ha Young.

Choi Ji Soo as I’m Seo Eun
I’m Seo Eun is the bass player of the band Neon Paprika. He is a big K-Pop fan. He is a couple Tom & Jerry with Sim Tae Young who often argues and pranks each other.

Marco as Sim Tae Young
Sim Tae Young is the drummer for the band Neon Paprika. He is a mood booster figure in his band. He is also naughty and naughty but also caring.

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