Review: So I Married an Anti-fan

Review: So I Married an Anti-fan. Amid many thrillers and romantic melodrama dramas in 2021, I finally found one drama that was kdrama. Haha. I think it’s one of the most cliched dramas I’ve watched in 2021, “So I Married the Anti-fan”.

Starting from curiosity because one of my favorite webtoons “My Anti-fan” was made into a drama, I finally found a drama that upholds the grip of Korean dramas, cliches, and sweets. Romcom lovers, come on!

Synopsis So I Married

This drama tells the story of a reporter named Lee Geun Young (Choi Sooyoung) whose life falls apart after dealing with a handsome idol who is adored by thousands of South Koreans, Who Joon (Choi Tae Joon) due to a misunderstanding.

The shoe-throwing action by Lee Geun Young at the nightclub owned by Jae Joon (Hwang Chan Sung) against Who Joon (Choi Tae Joon) was the beginning of the disaster in Geun Young’s life. Shortly after his action went viral on social media, Geun Young’s name suddenly became famous as the only Who Joon hater.

Like falling down a ladder, Geun Young experiences a series of misfortunes. He had to be willing to lose his job and even his place of residence. A TV station then gives Geun Young hope for survival, on the condition that she must become Who Joon’s partner in a reality show “So I Married the Anti-fan”. It’s like “We Got Married” that’s the story.

At first, of course, Geun Young flatly refused because she didn’t want her self-esteem to fall again in front of idols who she thought were two-faced. Good in front of the fans but bad at the back. Geun Young finally accepted the offer on the grounds of wanting to reveal Who Joon’s true personality.

Geun Young then occupied Who Joon’s house which was used as a reality show filming location without the owner’s knowledge. Unfortunately undeniable, Joon finds Geun Young relaxing in the house that he only visits occasionally.

Thanks to Who Joon’s kindness, Geun Young is still able to live there. The two of them became increasingly close outside of shooting reality shows. Joon often visits Geun Young at his house when he needs a friend to talk to.

Over time, the feelings of hatred between the two began to fade and turned into feelings … What is it? Haha. Yes, you know how Korean dramas are. Haha.

So I Married


So I Married the Anti-fan / Geuraeseo Naneun Antipaengwa Gyeolhonhaedda
Hangul :
Director: Kang Cheol Woo
Scriptwriter: Kim Eun Jung (Novel), Nam Ji Yeon
Aired on: Naver TV, iQIYI, Viki
Number of Episodes: 32 (30 minutes per episode) / 16 (60 minutes per episode)
Cast :
Choi Tae Joon (Who Joon)
Choi Soo Young (Lee Geun Young)
Hwang Chan Sung (Jae Joon / JJ)
Han Ji An (Oh In Hyung)
Kim Seon Hyuk (Seo Ji Hyang)
Kim Min Kyu (Ko Soo Hwan)

Review So I Married

This drama is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, namely “So I Married the Anti-fan” and the webtoon entitled “My Anti-fan”. I have not read the novel that has been published since 2010, but I have heard the spoilers of the novel’s contents from friends who have read it. If the webtoon version that aired from 2018 to 2020 ago, I’ve finished reading it.

Because of its popularity, the novel and webtoon “So I Married the Anti-fan” was also screened as a film in 2016. The film was played by Chanyeol (EXO) as Who Joon and Yuan Shanshan as Lee Geun Young.

After comparing films, novels, and webtoons with Korean drama versions, it seems that Korean dramas are more adapted from webtoons. Although of course there are many things in the webtoon but not in the drama and vice versa.

Some things that are interesting in the webtoon but are not told in the drama are when Who Joon is jealous of Geun Young who looks interested in Ji Hyang, Who Joon’s manager who is also good looking. Even though it must be nice to see Choi Tae Joon’s acting sulking in an unclear way. Haha.

Geun Young’s meeting with Who Joon’s mother in Alaska, which is told in the webtoon, is also not involved in the drama. Jae Joon’s character in the webtoon and the drama is also made different, in the webtoon, it’s annoying pol but in the drama, it’s still made to have feelings. Oh In Hyung’s life story is a little different.

In addition, the endings of the novel, webtoon, and drama versions of the story are also different. It’s okay for me because they are both slick and memorable with their respective styles.

That said, I’m quite satisfied with the drama “So I Married the Anti-fan” which realized my imagination of the story from the webtoon version. Even for the ending, I prefer the drama version.


Player Visuals

When I found out that Choi Sooyoung was going to play Lee Geun Young and Chan Sung Oppa was to be Jae Joon, this drama was immediately added to my watch list. Even since the first episode, I followed this drama ongoing. Wow, that’s something for me, who usually waits for a dozen episodes before watching. Haha.

As an old K-Pop fan, who doesn’t know SNSD’s Sooyoung and 2PM’s Chan Sung? This is the second main reason I watched the drama “So I Married the Anti-fan”, the first being because of my favorite webtoon adaptation of course.

Even though I’ve never seen Choi Tae Joon’s acting in a drama, it turns out that apart from his good visuals, his acting is great too! Moreover, he acting when approaching Geun Young and falling in love. Why is it there who is acting here who is smiling, anyway?

The only thing I don’t think fits is Han Ji An as Oh In Hyung. I’ve also never seen Mbak’s acting before, although the visuals are promising, it turns out that her acting isn’t great. Personal preference, yes, whether you want to act happy, angry, annoying, or sad, you don’t get the feel for the audience.

The story is Korean drama!

In the beginning, I mentioned that “So I Married the Anti-fan” is a rom-com drama that adheres to Korean drama standards. Watching this drama brought me back to watching “Full House” (2004), “Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang” (2005), and similar dramas.

Geun Young and Who Joon were really like a cat and a dog at first. They want to put each other down and feel like they don’t care about each other. But over time, witing tresno jalaran soko kulino aka love grows out of habit.

With Geun Young, Joon feels that he can be himself without having to pretend as he shows in public. Even Geun Young, who initially hated Who Joon’s behavior, gradually understood and empathized with how difficult it was to become an idol as popular as Who Joon.

Many silly and sweet scenes are presented in this drama. Keep the audience entertained!

Resolved Conflict

In the drama “So I Married the Anti-fan”, the friendly conflict shown by Who Joon, Jae Joon and Oh In Hyung is simple but made complicated by Jae Joon. The three of them, who were originally friends since they were trainees at one agency, had to fall apart because only Who Joon was orbited.

Jae Joon himself later held the position of CEO at his family’s agency company where In Hyung joined him. However, for some reason, Jae Joon is reluctant to orbit In Hyung as well so In Hyung continues to be a trainee for years to go by.

What is the story of Jae Joon and In Hyung’s relationship? Pull and pull, misunderstanding, back and forth just like that. I’m sorry if I skipped a lot of their scenes. Haha.

Another problem is about the origin of Who Joon’s ring which has “YAMA” engraved on it. The ring is Who Joon’s key to finding his father, whom he hasn’t seen since childhood.

In the end, all the conflicts in this drama were resolved well. No more leaving questions, even until Who Joon’s problem with the CEO of his agency ended amicably.

Meaning of Friendship

Seeing Jae Joon’s behavior towards Who Joon who was annoyed with envy of his best friend’s face reminded me of Ron Weasley when he felt that Harry Potter had everything including popularity. However, the two of them remained friends in their hearts.

Indeed, a friend will not have the heart to hate his own best friend and will try to help his friend when he is in trouble. It’s the same with Who Joon, Jae Joon, and In Hyung.

Meanwhile, Lee Geun Young has more luck in terms of making friends. He has good friends, namely Shin Mi Jung (Kim Ha Kyung) and Ko Soo Hwan (Kim Min Kyu). They will swiftly help Geun Young when Who Joon’s fans are after him and become the safest place where Geun Young can take shelter.

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