Review: The Royal Secret Agent

Review: The Royal Secret Agent. In my opinion, watching The Royal Secret Agent is like watching the Korean version of Mission Impossible in the Joseon era. But in a more comical, and relaxed version.

It’s full of intrigue. His name is also a drama about espionage. But as viewers, we will not be made to frown watching this drama. It’s cool.

To be honest, for me this drama is not very good. But it’s not a bad drama either.

All the cast performed with quality acting that deserves thumbs up. The unique storyline with comedy inserts and smooth romantic scenes makes this drama interesting to follow.

But that doesn’t necessarily make this drama extraordinarily memorable, because the storyline is a bit predictable.

Royal Secret Agent

Synopsis Royal Secret Agent

As the title implies, The Royal Secret Agent tells the story of a royal secret agent who was sent by the King to investigate the truth of corruption reports and arrest corrupt officials outside the capital.

The King is described as a skeptical leader. He did not easily believe the reports of officials who came to his desk. To confirm the truth of the report, the King sent The Royal Secret Agent to the area.

This Royal Secret Service is in charge of investigating the real conditions in the area. Of course, disguised as a commoner.

Royal Secret Service personnel are usually chosen from smart and clean officials in the government environment. The Royal Secretary, Jang Tae Sung (Ahn Nae Sang) is a trusted official of the King who is in charge of selecting the personnel of the royal secret service.

But after the mysterious disappearance of royal secret agent Park Cheol Gyu (Kim Seung Gu), there are no young scholars and officials who are interested and willing to be appointed as secret agents. They are worried about the great risk of this job.

This, of course, makes Royal Secretary Jang dizzy. Until one day he found a junior employee who served in Hongmungwan (a kind of royal administrative department) was boasting about his eligibility to become a secret agent of the kingdom.

Character Royal Secret Agent

The junior employee, Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myung Soo) is the best graduate in the state civil service entrance exam. But due to personal problems, he lost his enthusiasm for work.

His hobby is playing gambling with other palace employees. It was when Yi Gyeom was engrossed in gambling that he was caught by Secretary Jang. Secretary Jang sees special potential in Sung Yi Gyeom. So under the pretext of punishment for gambling in the palace, Yi Gyeom is assigned to be The Royal Secret Agent.

His first assignment is to investigate the disappearance of secret agent Park Cheol Gyu.

In carrying out his mission, Song Yi Gyeom is accompanied by two people, namely Park Chun Sam (Lee Yi Kyung) his loyal servant, and a female agent named Hong Da In (Kwon Nara).

Hong Da In, previously a spy, was Secretary Jang’s subordinate. He disguises himself as a gisaeng and is tasked with seeking information from officials. But this time he was assigned to accompany Yi Gyeom

At first, Yi Gyeom and Da In’s relationship was like a cat and a dog. Arguing, fighting all the time. But over time, the two of them became sympathetic to each other and as expected, they both fell in love with each other.

Together with the chatty but loyal Park Chun Sam, Yi Gyeom and Da In embark on their adventure to uncover the ulcers of corrupt officials.

Elsewhere, Yi Gyeom’s half-brother, Sung Yi Beom (Lee Tae Hwan) is taking on the role of a robber leader. He robbed the treasures of corrupt officials and distributed them to the people.

Yi Beom is a brother of the same father as Yi Gyeom. Yi Beom’s biological mother comes from a commoner. Even so, Yi Gyeom loves Yi Beom very much. Until one day, when Yi Gyeom was taking the state exam, Yi Beom ran away with Yi Gyeom’s lover, Kang Soon Ae (Jo So Min).

Rumors circulated that Yi Gyeom’s half-sister and lover had an affair and left the city. Yi Gyeom is heartbroken. Yi Gyeom’s investigation as a royal secret agent will one day lead him to meet Yi Beom and his former lover. Will Yi Gyeom avenge his sister an ex-lover?

What secret is Yi Beom keeping?

The secret mission of the King

Throughout the 16 episodes, we will follow the adventures of a trio of Joseon secret agents solving various missions. Not just one mission, you know, but there are three missions. Actually, there are 4 missions, but the other one is Yi Gyeom and Da In’s mission, and it is completed together with the third mission.

First Secret Mission: The Mystery of the Disappearance of Secret Agent Park Cheol Gyu

To uncover the disappearance of Park Cheol Gyu, a trio of secret agents must first uncover the corruption committed by Police Chief, Kang In Chung (Choi Jong Won).

Police chief Kang In Chung and his son Kang Jong Gil (Han Jae Suk) impose high taxes on the people. People who cannot afford to be paid will be taken and forced into slavery. They were then forcibly employed in a gold mine run by Kang In Chung.

These gold proceeds were deposited by Kang In Chul to high-ranking officials at the palace through Seo Yong (Park Jo Hyung). Secret agent Park Cheol Gyu almost managed to uncover Kang In Chung’s behavior. But with the help of Seo Yong, secret agent Park was killed by Kang Jong Gil.

This father and son are incredibly cruel. It’s not just extorting people and turning them into slaves. For his pleasure, Kang Jong Gil instead made the slave a hunting target. Very sad.

Second Secret Mission: The Ledger in the Gambling House

After successfully arresting police chief Kang, Song Yi Gyeom who has been promoted to minister asks to be sent to Jeolla to carry out a secret mission.

This request is not without reason, Yi Gyeom gets information that his half-sister became a leader of robbers and is a fugitive in Jeolla. But in Jeolla, Yi Gyeom, Da In, and Chun Sam instead meet the judge who was demoted because of Da In’s investigation.

This judge has a vengeance with Da In. He tried to hunt down and trap the three secret agents. Fortunately, this judge was arrested along with the evidence and witnesses.

This corrupt judge kept a ledger containing a list of officials who received bribes.

Yi Gyeom’s good name which was slandered by the Main Minister, Kim Byeong Gun (Son Byung Ho) was also successfully restored.

Third Mission: Opium

On his way to Jeolla Province, a royal secret agent stops by a city that is being terrorized by a serial murder case. The victims are women and generally are herbal seekers.

Again, this time the case was masterminded by local officials and nobles. Involves opium and trafficking in women.

Fourth Mission: Mystery of Prince Hwiyeong death

Prince Hwiyeong is a member of the kingdom who is branded a traitor. According to local officials’ claims, Prince Hwiyeong committed suicide when he was about to be brought to Hanyang for trial.

Who would have thought, Da In was Prince Hwiyeong’s daughter. He believes Prince Hwiyeong was slandered and his death was engineered. That’s why in the next mission Yi Gyeom, Da In, and Chunsam went to Jeonju, Jeolla to investigate the truth behind Prince Hwiyeong’s death.

They are determined to meet Governor Kim Myeong Se (Kim Myung Soo), one of the close people of the late Prince Hwiyeong. This is where it will be revealed who is the mastermind behind the corruption in various parts of Joseon.

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