the appeal of Korean drama Yumi’s Cells 2021

the appeal of Korean drama Yumi’s Cells 2021. Yumi’s Cells tells the story of Yumi (Kim Go-Eun) and the cells in her brain in living life as a 32-year-old woman in Korea.

Due to a broken heart, Yumi’s love cell falls into a coma. Yumi can’t fall in love anymore until she finally meets Goo Woong (Ahn Bo-Hyun), a game developer, who slowly heals Yumi’s live cells and makes her fall in love again.

Not only is the storyline sweet and entertaining, but several other reasons make Yumi’s Cells a spectacle that is a pity to miss.

1. The first Korean drama to combine live-action with animation

As the first Korean drama to combine live-action with animation, Yumi’s Cells provides a new and unique viewing experience for viewers.

The transitions between live-action scenes and animations in Yumi’s Cells are also very smooth, proving that animations packed with the right stories can be enjoyed by adults, not just children.

2. Ahn Bo-Hyun’s strong chemistry and acting that is different from usual has successfully won the audience’s praise

Through this drama, Ahn Bo-Hyun succeeded in making the audience excited through his character, Goo Woong, the nerd guy who is clumsy and straightforward but loves Yumi very much and always expresses his feelings honestly.

This character is very different from the one that Bo-Hyun has played before in the drama Her Private Life, where his character is a tsundere boy who doesn’t dare to express his feelings.

Another drama that has also starred in Bo-Hyun is Descendants of the Sun, where he played a cool and macho soldier in a South Korean army uniform.

Yumi's Cells

3. Equipped with lessons on human psychology in a fun and easy-to-understand way

Through the Korean drama Yumi’s Cells, viewers are invited to understand how human brain cells work in an exciting and easy-to-digest way. One example is in the scene where Yumi is losing her spirits but has to pretend to laugh.

As ordinary humans, there are times when we suddenly feel bad moods and lazy to interact with other people, but unfortunately, we are in public places such as offices, or schools. In situations like this, there is a Pretend Cell, which will help us show a fake smile so as not to bring a bad atmosphere to those around us.

In addition, there is also a scene where Yumi feels hungry. With food antennae on its head, the Hungry Cell responsible for Yumi’s appetite would appear at certain hours and run around crying.

If Yumi doesn’t eat right away, Hungry Cells will get bigger and scare other cells like giants. When Hungry Cells are running around, Yumi can’t think straight while working. If not fed immediately, Hungry Cell will issue a trumpet that makes Yumi’s stomach growl.

This of course also often happens in real life, where when we are hungry we can’t focus on doing something.

4. Sweet and fun storyline, perfect for healing on weekends
After going through weekdays that make us tired, of course, we all want to be refreshed on holidays. The storyline of Yumi’s Cells is light and presents a story about a healthy relationship with very relatable scenes and characters, which manages to churn the stomach and make the audience feel hungry in every episode. It’s no wonder that Yumi’s Cells is one of the dramas that is called a healing drama and accompanies the weekend for Korean drama fans.

The Korean drama Yumi’s Cells can be watched through the iQiyi application or the website every Friday and Saturday at 21:50 WIB.

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