10 New Korean Dramas That Are Ready to Air in December 2021

10 New Korean Dramas That Are Ready to Air in December 2021. For you Korean drama lovers, you can’t wait for the title of the latest Korean drama which will air in December 2021. The dramas that are ready to air next month are no less interesting, you know.

Several Korean artists are ready to make an acting comeback in December. One of them is Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and Im Si Wan.

Here are the 10 newest Korean dramas that are ready to air in December 2021. Save the date!

1. User Not Found

You can watch this drama starting on December 3, 2021. User Not Found drama tells the story of two female students in high school who have the same name.

Interestingly, the two of them had just transferred to a new school at the same time as well. The two also make a grand plan to change their identities in the hope of changing their respective fates.

2. Artificial City

This drama depicts each person’s character and personality differences. Interestingly, the drama Artificial City will show people who hide their dark side and sacrifice others just because of their greed and ambition to take power. For those of you who are lovers of the mystery genre Korean drama, you must add it to your watchlist.

3. Our Beloved Summer

This drama is not only a romance genre but also a comedy genre that is ready to entertain the audience. Starring Kim Da Mi, Choi Woo Sik, Kim Sung Cheol, No Jung Ui. Our Beloved Summer tells the feelings of ex-lover couples who have broken up and end up hating each other. Having a total of 12 episodes, this drama will start airing on December 6, 2021.

4. Bad and Crazy

Starting to air on December 17, 2021, Bad and Crazy have a fantasy and mystery genre that is ready to make the audience play puzzles and be curious.

Bad and Crazy tells the story of a detective who is very materialistic, has a bad character, and likes corruption. However, everything changes when the character K appears in his life to eradicate corruption and other hidden crimes.

5. Uncle

If you like comedy genre dramas, Uncle is too bad for you to miss.
This drama tells the story of an unpopular musician who is at the lowest point in his life. Uncle has 16 episodes and will air on December 11, 2021.

6. Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Korean Drama Ready in December

Are you a fantasy drama lover? If so, then Bulgasal: Immortal Souls must be added to the watchlist. Bulgasal is a fantasy drama that tells the story of two characters who have lived for more than 600 years.

The first character is a man who is cursed to be a bulge or a creature who likes to eat human blood. Then the second character is a woman who has gone through several reincarnations. Interestingly, the woman can bring all her memories from the past.

7. Tracer

The presence of Im Si Wan as the main role makes Korean drama connoisseurs increasingly impatient waiting for Tracer’s broadcast. This drama is predicted to be full of mystery because it tells the issues that often occur in the tax service office. Some of these issues are corruption, money laundering, and others.

8. When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon

Finally, Lee Hye Ri reappeared and became the main role of the new JTBC drama. When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon is set during the Joseon Dynasty during a period marked by the strictest prohibition laws. The prohibition was also considered not following human desires at that time.

This drama will also tell the story of a poor noble who has to struggle in his life. He even had to make alcohol illegally to support his family.

9. Only One Person

Starring Kim Kyung Nam, Ahn Eun Jin, Red Velvet’s Joy, Kang Ye Won, Han Gyu Won, Dong Sang Woo, Only One Person will tell the story of three women who are sentenced to terminally ill and live soon. The three women met at the same hospital. Unexpectedly, the three turned out to be entangled in a serial murder case.

10. Snowdrop

The drama, starring Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, has been eagerly awaited by KDrama fans. Snowdrop will tell the story of a man who escaped from a political prison in North Korea.

The boy went into the girls’ college dormitory to hide. Finally, there was a female student who helped him to hide. Since then they will have had a romantic relationship.

Those are the ten newest Korean dramas that will air in December 2021. Which drama are you looking forward to the most, huh?

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