4 Reasons Drakor Mine Is Interesting To Watch

4 Reasons Drakor Mine Is Interesting To Watch. Korean drama Mine officially replaces the screening of the Korean drama Vincenzo. The broadcast of its first episode on Saturday (8/5/2021) also achieved high ratings of 6.5 percent and 7.9 percent.

 Stroyline Mine

The storyline of the Korean drama Mine focuses on two women who try to find their true selves and break free from the world’s prejudices. The two have a close relationship as a daughter-in-law in a wealthy family.

Carrying the thriller genre, the Korean drama Mine depicts the mysterious side of an elite family. This family life begins to change when the arrival of an intruder disguised as a tutor.


These two female leads must be familiar to Korean drama fans. There is Lee Bo Young who is popular in I Can Hear Your Voice and Kim Seo Hyung as a sly tutor at SKY Castle.

Lee Bo Young plays Seo Hee Soo, a famous actress who gave up her career to marry the second son of the Hyowon Group family. Meanwhile, Kim Seo Hyung, plays Jung Seo Hyun, a tycoon who marries the first son of the Hyowon Group family.

Here are four reasons that make Korean drama Mine interesting to watch:


1. Life as a son-in-law of a rich family

Lee Bo Young is told as the daughter-in-law of a rich family, who marries Han Ji Yong (Lee Hyun Wook). She takes care of her husband’s son, Han Ha Joon (played by Jung Hyun Joon) like his own son.

Seo Hee-Soo is doing her best to fit in as the daughter-in-law of the Hyowon Group family. However, in the first episode of the Korean drama Mine, he revealed himself as a ‘comer’ in the family.

Seo Hee-Soo looks different and takes off the formalities in the Hyowon Group family. At the dinner, she was the only person wearing an orange dress even though she was asked to wear black and white.

2. The Spy Who Infiltrated The Rich Family

The first episode of the Korean drama Mine featured the arrival of Kang Ja Kyung (player Ok Ja Yeon) in the Hyowon Group family. He was recruited by Jung Seo Hyun as a tutor for his nephew, Han Ha Joon.

The tension of the Korean drama Mine began after his arrival. Kang Ja Kyung often keeps an eye on the Hyowon Group family, as if he is spying on them.

This elite family tutor even dared to do such a presumptuous thing as a guest. He entered the Hyowon Group family dining room and ate the meat on the table.

At the end of the episode, Seo Hee-Soo even saw Kang Ja Kyung wearing the orange dress she wore to an unauthorized dinner.

3. The Story of Two Married Conglomerates

The husband and wife couple Seo Hee-Soo and Han Ji Yong looked warm in the Korean drama Mine. However, the relationship between Jung Seo Hyun and her husband Han Jin Ho (played by Park Hyuk Kwon) is just the opposite, which has become a hot topic for the waiters.

They questioned the reason why Jung Seo Hyun, who was born into a rich family, married Han Jin Ho. The first son-in-law of the Hyowon Group family showed support for her husband as the first son and potential heir.

However, Han Jin Ho feels insecure with his younger brother, Han Ji Yong, who seems more ready to lead the Hyowon Group. Meanwhile, Jung Seo Hyun raises her husband’s son, Han Soo Hyuk (player N VIXX) without warmth.

4. The Secret Relationship of Young Master and Servant

Korean drama Mine marks VIXX’s N’s comeback, after a three-year hiatus. The VIXX group leader plays Han Soo Hyuk, Han Jin Ho’s biological son and the eldest grandson of the Hyowon Group family.

Despite being born into a rich family, Han Soo Hyuk feels lonely because of a sad incident in his childhood. In the first episode of the Korean drama Mine, he returns home after completing his studies abroad.

Slowly, Han Soo Hyuk begins to develop a secret relationship with his family’s new servant Kim Yoo Yeon (played by Jung Yi Seo). The two of them couldn’t hide their attraction to each other when they first met.

Moreover, Han Soo Hyuk and Kim Yoo Yeon have one thing in common. At the end of the first episode of the Korean drama Mine, the two met by accident late at night due to insomnia.

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