Zombie Horror: Drama All of Us Are Dead

Zombie Horror: Drama All of Us Are Dead. All of Us Are Dead is one of the Netflix original dramas that viewers have been waiting for because this series is adapted from a webtoon entitled Now at Our School which is popular in Korea. In addition, this zombie-horror-themed drama will be produced by Film Monster and JTBC Studio. Of course, the news made the audience even more impatient.

Besides being worked on very seriously, this drama also stars a series of young artists who are considered to have qualified acting skills. Curious who the All of Us Are Dead players are? Here is some information that you should know before watching this drama.

Synopsis All of Us

The script for the drama All of Us Are Dead was written by Chung Sung Il, who previously worked on the drama L.U.C.A: The Beginning. This drama will tell the story of a group of students trapped in Hyosan High during the zombie virus outbreak.

This group of students consists of Cheon San, Ohn Jo, Nam Ra, Su Hyuk, and Gwi Nam. These five students find themselves caught in a rampant virus outbreak and seek to be saved from a zombie invasion of their school.

Cheon San is an ordinary student who tries to save Ohn Jo, the student he likes, from a zombie virus. While Ohn Jo is described as a popular student who has a cheerful personality. Actress Jo Yi Hyun will play Nam Ra, the class president and the smartest student in school. Not to be missed, two actors, namely Park Solomon and Yoo In Soo will play the characters Su Hyuk and Gwi Nam.

All of Us


‘All of Us Are Dead’ is a Korean drama that tells the story of the struggle of a group of high school students in the face of a zombie virus attack.

This Korean drama depicts an extreme situation that occurs when a high school is infected with a zombie virus.

People outside were trying to save the students trapped in the high school.

‘All of Us Are Dead’ will depict the souls of people who struggle to survive in confined spaces.

In addition, this drama also shows how human nature emerges when people are faced with dire situations.

Info All of Us

Although there is no official information regarding the broadcast date, All of Us Are Dead is prepared to premiere and exclusively on Netflix in the first half of 2021. This drama will also have a total of 8 episodes with a duration of 42 minutes for each episode.


Reportedly, All of Us Are Dead will be directed by Lee Jae Gyoo, who previously worked on the drama Trap. Meanwhile, this drama attracts several young actors and actresses to join it. Here is a series of names of players who have been confirmed to star in this drama.

– Yoon Chan Young (Cheong San)
-Park Ji Hoo (Ohn Jo)
-Jo Yi Hyun (Nam Ra)
-Park Solomon (Su Hyuk)
-Yoo In Soo (Gwi Nam)
-Lee Kyu Hyung (Song Jae Ik)
-Kim Byung Chul (Lee Byung Chan)
-Shin Jae Hwi (Chang Hoon)
-Lee Chae Eun (Hee-Soo)
-Kim Bo Yun (Seo Hyo Ryeong)
-Bae Hae Seon (Park Eui Won)
-Yoo Gyung Ho (Jung Yong Nam)
-Kim Jin Young (Ji Min)
-Lee Sang-Hee (Park Seon Hwa)
-Jeon Bae Soo (Nam So Ju)

Well, that was some information regarding the drama All of Use Are Dead. For those of you fans of the zombie-horror genre drama, this Netflix original series is a shame for you to miss. Let’s wait for further information, shall we!

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