Cast List of Drama Reflection of You 2021

Cast List of Drama Reflection of You 2021. The drama Reflection of You starring Shin Hyun Bin and Go Hyun Jung will premiere on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. This is Shin Hyun Bin’s latest acting project after playing the character Jang Gyeo Wool in Hospital Playlist 2 (2021).

Reflection of You will present a women-centric genre or drama that has two strong female main characters. In addition, there are also a thriller and melancholic spices in it.

Curious? Let’s see the synopsis, list of players, complete total episodes of the drama Reflection of You which will air on JTBC on Tuesday, October 12, 2021.

Synopsis Reflection of You

Broadly speaking, the drama Reflection of You will present a combination of tragic love stories, infidelity, betrayal, corruption cases, to revenge experienced by two women named Jung Hee Joo (Go Hyun Jung) and Goo Hae Won (Shin Hyun Bin).

Jung Hee Joo had a pretty bad life in her youth. But now, he is a successful painter and essayist. Jung Hee Joo lives with a husband who has been appointed to run a hospital.

Even though Jung Hee Joo’s life is going well, she feels like she has wasted time. One day, Jung Hee Joo met Goo Hae Won.

Goo Hae Won grew up with a good youth but lived a poor life. He was very hurt because of his brief encounter with Jung Hee Joo. Over time, the wound widened to leave a grudge.

Go Hyun Jung’s Comeback in the K-Drama World

Then the drama Reflection of You marks Go Hyun Jung’s acting comeback after two years of absence from the small screen.

After waiting, Go Hyun Jung is ready to show a new role deepening through the drama Reflection on You. Jung Hee Joo’s character is described as being filled with worry. From the outside, Jung Hee Joo’s life is perfect.

Reflection of You

When Goo Hae Won re-enters his life, Jung Hee Joo becomes even more worried. The two of them had a relationship in the past and then reunited in the present.

In the teaser that has been shared, Jung Hee Joo had asked Goo Hae Won not to approach her husband. Is Jung Hee Joo’s husband having an affair with Goo Hae Won?

Shin Hyun Bin’s Slick Transformation

The figure of Shin Hyun Bin is increasingly being favored by the public thanks to his role as doctor Jang Gyeo Wool in the drama Hospital Playlist 2 (2021). For the drama Reflection of You, the audience must be prepared to see another side of this 35-year-old actress.

In Hospital Playlist, Jang Gyeo Wool is an innocent and indifferent doctor. But has a warm heart. The character played by Shin Hyun Bin in the drama Reflection of You will be inversely proportional.

Goo Hae Won appears as a violent woman. Based on the teaser, it seems that Goo Hae Won has a grudge against Jung Hee Joo so that it often interferes with his life. In addition, Goo Hae Won also annoys Ahn Ri Sa, Jung Hee Joo’s daughter.

Because Goo Hae Won’s life is already in a slump, she wants the same thing to happen to Jung Hee Joo. Then this all relates to the past of the two which will be revealed in the drama Reflection of You.

Player and Supporting Character Details

The drama Reflection of You presents actor Kim Jae Young who plays Seo Woo Jae. He becomes the person who connects Jung Hee Joo and Goo Hae Won from the past.

When the third photo is shown in the teaser, Goo Hae Won is seen hugging Seo Woo Jae’s arm. Meanwhile, Jung Hee Joo stood far from them.

Jung Hee Joo’s husband, Ahn Hyun Sung, will be played by Choi Won Young. Then Jung Hee Joo’s first child, Ahn Ri Sa, played by Kim Soo Ahn, and their second son, Ahn Ho Soo, by Kim Dong Ha.

The drama Reflection of You also stars Shin Dong Wook, Jang Hye Jin, Hong Seo Jun, Seo Jung Yeon, Kim Sang Ho, and many more.


The drama Reflection of You will have a total of 16 episodes, filling the airing slot every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 KST on JTBC. Previously, this slot was filled by the drama Monthly Magazine Home starring Jung So Min and Kim Ji Suk which was completed last August 2021.

Episode 1 of the drama Reflection of You will air on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. Meanwhile, this JTBC acting project is ready to show slick chemistry between Go Hyun Jung and Shin Hyun Bin. Drama Reflection of You is also available on the Netflix streaming platform.

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