Dark Hole: defense against humans

Dark Hole: defense against humans. survivor trying to survive the hunt for a terrifying mutant originating from a mysterious black hole.


• Title: Global: Dark Hole
• Director: Kim Bong Joo
• Author: Jung Yi Do
• Networks: OCN, tvN
• Episodes: 12
• Release and release date: April 30 – June 5, 2021, every Friday and Saturday, 10:50 p.m.
• Duration: 59 – 60 minutes per episode
• Korean language
• Country: South Korea
• Cast:
– Kim Ok Vin: Lee Hwa Sun
– Lee Joon Hyuk: Yoo Tae Han
– Lim Won Hee: Park Soon Il
– Oh Yu Jin: Han Dong Rim
– Lee Ye Bit: Jung Do Yoon

Storyline Dark Hole

Lee Hwa Sun (Kim Ok Vin) is investigating the case of her husband’s murder. He’s a detective in Seoul. Suddenly she gets a call from the person claiming to be her husband’s killer. Hwa Sunsets out alone for Muji City, towards the location the killer mentioned. Hwa Sun is trapped in Muji City where almost all of its inhabitants turn into terrible mutants after inhaling black smoke.

He meets Yoo Tae Han (Lee Joon Hyuk). A tow driver also noticed the chaos caused by the black smoke. Hwa Sun and Tae Han team up to survive amidst the chaos of a city infested with mutants.

Dark Hole is the second OCN drama I’ve watched after Search. From a synopsis point of view, it’s also interesting. Moreover, the male lead is Lee Joon Hyuk Oppa. Nam Shin’s handsome personal assistant in Are You Human Too? So I’m waiting for this drama to air and intend to watch it.

This drama is about a female detective named Lee Hwa Sun (Kim Ok Vin) who is investigating the case of her husband’s death. The husband was killed by someone he knows, but Hwa Sun has yet to catch the culprit. The perpetrator has carried out another series of murders in the same way. Hwa Sun suddenly gets a call from the murderer who asks him to meet. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Hwa Sun headed straight for Muji City.

When he arrived at the appointed place, Hwa Sun only found a cell phone hanging on a tree. Not wanting to give up, he tries to find the whereabouts of the serial killer in Muji City. Unexpectedly, Muji Town, a small and quiet town, was engulfed in chaos due to the appearance of a giant dolin that emitted black smoke. The person who inhaled the black smoke turned into a terrible monster. Unintentionally, Hwa Sun inhaled the smoke. He couldn’t bear the pain as his body was about to turn into a monster and fell unconscious.

Yoo Tae Han (Lee Joon Hyuk) who is investigating a forest that turns his friend into a monster accidentally sees Hwa Sun. He is a crane driver who lives not far from the forest. When he saw Hwa Sun fainted, he took Hwa Sun to rest at his house. After regaining consciousness, Hwa Sun tells about her being a detective from Seoul and why she is in Muji City. Tae Han gives a lift for Hwa Sun who intends to go to the hospital. The two of them are caught in the middle of the chaos of a city that is attacked by terrible mutants.

dark hole drama

Review Dark Hole

Initially, the audience was led to the opinion that people who inhaled black smoke turned into zombies. I thought so too. Because he lost his mind, wanted to bite him brutally. However, those who are bitten don’t become zombies either. Then here the zombies can walk and even run. Then, the residents who managed to survive called them mutants. Victims of mutant attacks here don’t always turn into mutants. The appearance of the mutant even reminds me of Sweet Home. Because his eyes turned black. Even the weapons made by the young survivors at the Muji Chemical Factory are similar to the weapons that Hyun Su made in Sweet Home

Both are scary and the monsters in Sweet Home are mutants in Dark Hole. It’s just what, I’m a bit disgusted by the appearance of these mutants. More precisely on the appearance of the right ear of the mutants. Even in the end, it made me feel sick when the mutants finally fell.

It’s a shame, this drama is good, but it’s underrated. He said this drama ended with a 0% rating. Even though the plot is slow–many say this drama can be finished in only 8 or 10 episodes and I agree with this–but I think the storyline is interesting, although it still leaves a lot of questions, right. I don’t know if there will be a second season, but if you look at the ratings, I don’t think it’s possible to make a second season. But don’t know either.

What is it that makes you wonder at the end? In the beginning, the first human who turned into a mutant found something like a green crystal that suddenly broke and filled with black smoke. Here I think, what is the enemy of aliens, right? So, the alien ship crashed and formed a huge black hole in the forest. Then it raises green crystals which when people hold it they break and emit black smoke. Black smoke suddenly entered the nose and the inhaler turned into a monster.

Drama Facts Dark Hole

1. Famous as a TV station that consistently produces high-quality thriller dramas, it’s no wonder Dark Hole is one of the most awaited dramas for KDrama lovers

2. Senior actress Kim Ok Bin has been confirmed to star in this drama as a police detective named Lee Hwa Sun

3. One day, Hwa Sun received a mysterious call from her husband’s killer to come to ‘Mujishi’

4. Hwa Sun immediately goes to ‘Mujishi’, hoping to catch her husband’s killer. But there he is instead faced with the horror reality that almost all citizens have turned into mutants

5. Lee Hwa Sun is forced to fight against mutants to save his life and reveal the identity of the killer of her husband

6. Not only that, but this drama is also more exciting with the presence of the handsome actor Lee Joon Hyuk. He plays the character of Yoo Tae Han, a truck driver who is known to be friendly and likes to joke around

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