Drama Black Dog is a story of the conflict between teachers at school

Drama Black Dog is a story of the conflict between teachers at school. The Korean drama Black Dog finished airing last week on TVN. The topic is about the world of education with its complex conflicts. Although the point of storytelling is from the figure of a teacher. But it can represent all the components of the school that are in it

Synopsis Black Dog

This drama tells the story of Ko Ha Neul who has a dream of becoming a teacher because of a bus accident he had experienced which killed an honorary teacher who had helped him. As a form of gratitude, Ko Ha Neul decided to take the exam to become a teacher.

He was successfully accepted into Daechi school as an Honorary Teacher. Various issues about school made Ha Neul realize that the struggle as a teacher is not only educating and teaching students.

At Daechi school, he meets Park Sung Soon, the head of the Career Counseling Department who is a workaholic and will do his best to give students the best possible education.


Title: Black Dog
Eps: 16 eps
Network: tvN

The main character:
Seo Hyun Jin as Ko Ha Neul
Ra Mi Ran as Park Sung Soon
Ha Joon as Do Yeon Woo

Black Dog


In this drama, we will be presented with the struggle of Honorary Teachers in schools, which are often underestimated by Permanent Teachers. Likewise, what was faced by Ko Ha Neul at the beginning of teaching at Daechi?

At the beginning of the teaching, Ko Ha Neul was hit by bad rumors, that he was entered into Daechi because of nepotism from his Uncle who also worked at the school. He had been antagonized by some of his fellow Honorary Teacher colleagues, but in the end, it became clear that he graduated purely without the Uncle’s interference.

Honorary teachers in Korea are like a shadow who has an important role but should not be too prominent. Students should not know about the list of Honorary Teachers for the convenience of students while studying (I think this is a bit strange).

Besides Ko Ha Neul, there is the figure of Ji Hae Won who is an Honorary Teacher for 6 years but his status is not clear whether he will be appointed or not. At first, he was not happy with the presence of Ko Ha Neul who was quickly accepted by the school environment. However, in the middle, Ha Neul and Hae Won work together for the sake of the school.

Another story from the Honorary Teacher when the school wanted to propose an audit of the success rate of students entering a well-known university, it turned out that the supervisor on duty was once an Honorary Teacher at a Daechi school. At first, it became a conflict because the Supervisor was still hurt by the attitude of the previous Headmaster who had given false hope. In the end, thanks to the persistence of Ko Ha Neul and the Career Counseling Department, the Supervisor provided a lot of help so that Daechi graduates could be accepted at top universities.

Review Black Dog

The conflict in this drama is very real. Some temporary teachers have been teaching for 6 years but have not been appointed as permanent teachers. Smart students from poor families. Parents who always interfere with their children’s affairs at school. The senior teacher is restless and suppresses Bu Ko. A senior teacher who wants to show up but doesn’t have the ability. The temporary teacher entered because of his brother’s collusion. The head of the foundation is not sensitive to the needs of the school. Some students choose to leave school because they feel they are not passionate about school and choose to work.

While watching this drama, the school atmosphere and the interaction between teachers and students were very intense. The acting of the players is also charming. Even the teenage players who act as acting students are natural. There is nothing too much makeup. Very natural. Barely without make-up. I feel comfortable watching this drama from beginning to end.

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