Drama Review: Check Out the Event (2021)

Drama Review: Check Out the Event (2021). The Korean drama Check Out the Event is one of the newest 2021 Korean drama series which premiered on August 14, 2021. This Drakor is broadcast by the MBC TV channel every Saturday, at 21:50 Korean time (2 episodes per day) for 4 episodes, and is slated to finish airing on September 4, 2021.

Synopsis Check Out the Event

Drama Check Out the Event is a melodrama youth series whose story will focus on a couple who has broken up, but must pretend to be able to travel to Jeju island for free.

Told, Ha Song Yi (Bang Min Ah) is now working as a coordinator at the botanical garden. She is a smart and honest girl. Previously, he was dating an indie band vocalist named Park Do Gyeom (Kwon Hwa Woon).

Although his character is quite cold and arrogant, Park Do Gyeom has a romantic side that can conquer Ha Song Yi’s heart. As his indie band’s name became known and gained a reputation, Park Do Gyeom asked for a breakup, which broke Ha Song Yi’s heart.

Amid his efforts to forget Park Do Gyeom and start a new life, Hang Song Yi even won a couple of trip event coupons. To have a free trip to Jeju Island, Ha Song Yi and Park Do Gyeom pretended to be dating and joined the tour.

At the event, they were greeted by Seo Ji Kang (Ahn Woo Yeo), an essayist who also works as a tour guide for couples. Since his first meeting with Hang Song Yi, Seo Ji Kang is immediately attracted and tries to win her heart.

How’s the ending of the drama Check Out the Event? Will Ha Song Yi finally be dating Seo Ji Kang? Or even get back with Park Do Gyeom?

So if we were Ha Song Yi, which one would we choose? Ex or looking at a new goal?

Check Out the Event


Genre / Theme:Melodrama, Teen
Number of Episodes:4 episodes
Channel: MBC
Release:14 August 2021 to 04 September 2021
Airs Daily: Saturday, 9:50 p.m. KST
Director: Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Han Joon
Writer: Kim Tae Joo

Cast Check Out the Event

1. Bang Min Ah as the character Ha Song Yi

Bang Min Ah is an actress and singer who joined a girl group called “Girl’s Day”. In 2011, Min Ah began to explore the world of acting by starring in the drama Vampira Idol. Since then, he has received offers to play in dramas every year, one of which is as the main character in the drama “Beautiful Gong Shim”.

This time the singer Bang Min Ah will play the character Han Song Yi, a girl who has just been dumped by her boyfriend. When he tried to rise from the sadness of his broken heart, he even won a free couple trip to Jeju Island.

Of course, this made Bang Min Ah very happy, but he just got dumped by his girlfriend. Not wanting to lose the opportunity, he then tries to get his ex to pretend to be a couple.

2. Kwon Hwa Woon as Park Do Kyum

Appearing with his character as Park Do Kyum, Kwon Hwa Woon is a model as well as an actor who has starred in the drama series Mouse (2021), Zombie Detective (2020), Doctor John (2019), and many more.

Park Do Kyum’s character is a young man who joins an indie band. After a bit of the band’s popularity began to rise, he then broke up with his girlfriend, Ha Song Yi. But he wants to be invited to work together to pretend to be a couple on a couple of trips on Jeju Island with his ex.

3. Ahn Woo Yeon as Seo Ji Kang

Ahn Woo Yeo also appeared as the main player in the short drama Check Out the Event. Quite active in the world of acting, several popular dramas he has starred in include Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Good Witch, and Let’s Eat 3.

The presence of Ahn Woo Yeo with his character as Seo Ji Kang will spice up the romance between Park Do Gyeom and Ha Song Yi. Moreover, Seo Ji Kang is quite attracted to Hang Song Yi and tries to win her heart.

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