Drama Review: Undercover 2021

Drama Review: Undercover 2021. JTBC’s new drama Undercover will air its first episode on April 23. This drama is a remake of the BBC series of the same name.

Airing the first episode already has a solid rating. According to Nielsen Korea, Undercover scored an average nationwide rating of 3.5 percent. This drama features Ji Jin Hee and Kim Hyun Joo’s slick acting.

Storyline Undercover

Han Jung Hyun (Ji Jin Hee) is a family head who is good at taking care of the household because he opens a bicycle repair shop at home while taking care of his daughter.

His wife is Choi Yeon Soo (Kim Hyun Joo) who works as a lawyer for the rights of the weak. He is always passionate about finding justice for the little people.

Han Jung Hyun when he was young was an elected member of the intelligence agency (NIS) even when he was a student at the Police Academy. His real name is Lee Suk-Kyu.

When he was young (Lee Suk Gyu) and his team went undercover, and went to the demo location. That’s when he falls in love with young Choi Yeon Soo (Han Sun Hwa), a brave and intelligent law student.

Lee Suk Gyu, who goes by the name Han Jung Hyun, is increasingly infatuated with Choi Yeon Soo and they end up dating and getting married.

Han Jung Hyun and Choi Yeon Soo have a son with special needs and a beautiful daughter. 30 years later the problem came when his wife was nominated as the sole candidate to lead the anti-corruption agency called “Corruption Investigation Office For High Ranking Officials (CIO).

The leader of the NIS and his former partner urges Han Jung Hyun to return to work at the intelligence agency, with the mission of stopping his wife from becoming the chief CIO.

In addition to his family’s safety is threatened, Han Jung Hyun also has to face the fact that his true identity as Lee Suk Gyu, a spy, will be exposed and destroy his household.


1. Ji Jin Hee – Han Jung Hyun
His real name is Lee Suk Gyu, he is a former member of the intelligence agency, but his wife doesn’t know his past. He runs a bicycle repair shop.

2. Kim Hyun Joo – Choi Yeon Soo (now)
A civil rights lawyer who always upholds justice for the oppressed people.

3. Yoo Seon Ho – Han Seung Goo
Han Jung Hyun Dan Choi Yun Su’s son has special needs and works to help his father in a bicycle repair shop.

4. Lee Jae In – Han Seung Mi
Daughter of Han Jung Hyun and Choi Yun Su

5. Yeon Woo Jin – Lee Suk Gyu (young Han Jung Hyun)
6. Han Sun Hwa – Young Choi Yeon Soo
7. Heo Jun Ho – Im Hyung Rak (NIS Leader)

Review Undercover

Even though it uses two different time settings, 1990 and now, this drama still has a neat and easy-to-understand flow back and forth.

The action portion and legal drama as well as family make this series even more exciting to follow. The selection of the two actors who play the younger version and the current version between these two main characters, is also very fitting, especially for the character Choi Yeon Soo, his face is similar.

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