Eccentric Chef Moon Korean Drama Review

Eccentric Chef Moon Korean Drama Review

The premise of the story is a world-famous chef from Korea, who has to return to his village because his parents died in a fire. He is also recognized as the father of a child who doesn’t know where he came from and has trouble finding the girl who fell from the mountains. He lost his memory. The trials that he had to face.

Synopsis Eccentric Chef Moon

Moon Seung-Mo (Eric) is a popular chef. Due to the sudden death of his parents in a fire, he moves to Soha Village. His peaceful everyday life suddenly changes there with the sudden appearance of Yoo Yoo-Jin (Go Won-Hee).

Meanwhile, Yoo Yoo-Jin is a world-famous fashion designer. She works under the name Yoo Bella. One day, he gets into a car accident. A car accident causes him to lose his memory completely and he ends up in Seoha Village. He acts very eccentric there and becomes a nuisance. Due to her behavior, she takes on the nickname “Yoobyeolna” (“The eccentric”).


Other Titles: Yubyeolna! Munsyepeu / Unique! Chef Moon
Genre: Drama, romance, comedy
Number of Episodes: 16
TV Station: Channel A
Showtime: 27 March – 16 May 2020
Production House: Story Networks, Gloves Entertainment
Director: Choi Do Hoon, Jung Hun Soo
Writers: Jung Yoo Ri, Kim Kyung Soo

eccentric chef moon drama

The cast

Eric: Moon Seung Mo
Go Won Hee : Yoo Yoo Jin / Yoo Byeolna / Bella Yoo
Ko Do Yun : Kim Sul Ah
Choi Kwang Je : Bang Da Hoon
Gil Hae Yun : Jang Sun Young / Madam Jang
Ahn Nae Sang: Im Chul Yong (Donghan International CEO)
Cha Jung Won : Im Hyun Ah
Jang Jae Ho: Kang Joon Soo (Donghan Food CEO)
Lee Seung Yun : Han Mi Young

Review Eccentric Chef Moon

At first, I thought that this drama was just an ordinary romance-comedy drama, but this drama is quite nano-nano. There are various kinds of stories in it. On the one hand, we can enjoy an awesome romcom and on the one hand, we are presented with a strong makjang story. I didn’t think that romcom and makjang could be combined in one drama so well. When we start to feel diabetes with the romance between Chef Moon and Bella, the sweetness will be balanced with the exciting story of I’m Cheol Yong and Kang Joon Soo’s competition to get Donghan Group. When tired of the chaebol family’s rivalry with this forbidden story, we will be presented with unique Seoha villagers full of crunchy comedy. The combination of many genres and stories in this drama makes this drama rarely boring and makes us curious about the next episode.

For me, this is an underrated drama, which is a shame it doesn’t get much attention. Because this drama has a very balanced and not boring story, besides that the actions of the actors is also quite good. I had thought that if this drama aired on KBS to fill the family drama weekend slot, it might attract a lot of viewers.

This drama Kwak recommends for you weekend drama lovers, even though this drama is not a weekend drama but this drama has a similar pattern to weekend dramas from other local TV stations. Besides that, this drama will be suitable for you lovers of romcom dramas who like intensity and suspense.

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