Familiar Wife Drama Review- When Changing Fate, is it happier?

Familiar Wife Drama Review- When Changing Fate, is it happier?

Synopsis Familiar Wife

Cha Joo Hyuk (played by Ji Sung) and Seo Woo-Jin (played by Han Ji Min) first met 12 years ago, when Joo Hyuk was in college and Woo Jin was still in high school. In the past, Joo Hyuk helped Woo Jin who was a victim of sexual harassment in public. Since then Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin became close until they finally got married and had 2 children. But the sweet love story did not go smoothly. In the middle of their marriage journey, Joo Hyuk finds Woo Jin to be a figure he doesn’t know. The Woo Jin he knew used to be a cheerful girl. But now Woo Jin has turned into a hot-tempered and explosive wife. Joo Hyuk didn’t understand why Woo Jin could turn out to be so terrible.


One day Joo Hyuk experienced a strange incident. While passing through a portal, he was suddenly thrown back in time 12 years ago. Feeling bored with the life he is living now, Joo Hyuk uses this miracle to change his destiny. He “revises” his destiny by intervening in his meeting with Woo Jin. As a result, 12 years later, Joo Hyuk is no longer Woo Jin’s husband, but Lee Hye Won (Kang Han Na).

Familiar Wife

His new life seemed happy for Joo Hyuk at first. Now he is no ordinary bank employee who is forced to save money to put his family’s needs first and is always in a hurry to catch the train to get to the office. He was no longer Woo Jin’s grumpy husband. Joo Hyuk is now Hye Won’s husband; daughter of a tycoon. He is still a bank employee, but with his status as the son-in-law of a conglomerate, money is no longer a problem. Even in his office, Joo Hyuk gets more respect because of the influence of his status.

But Joo Hyuk’s destiny will always intersect with Woo Jin. The woman reappears as a new employee at the bank where Joo Hyuk works. Although initially wanting to ignore Woo Jin’s appearance, Joo Hyuk finally couldn’t let her go. Especially when Joo Hyuk’s best friend, a bank employee, Yoon Joong Hoo (played by Jang Seung Jo), decides to go after Woo Jin. Will Joo Hyuk finally regret changing his destiny with Woo Jin?

Review Familiar Wife

Btw, so far this drama is addicting even though at the beginning of the episode many didn’t like it because there were similarities with the drama go back couple and many people watched it jumping around because they didn’t like cha Joo hyuk. Sometimes watching dramas also requires patience, guys, I suggest you don’t jump around watching it, you’ll end up getting fed up because you don’t like the story and don’t get the moral value.

Does anyone know or does anyone know Woo-jin knows where the 500 cents toll comes from? The problem is not explained, right, the mother also did not say where it is located. Anyway, if you want to watch a drama full of moral values ​​about the world of marriage, please watch it.

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