How To Be Thirty: A 30s Romance Story

How To Be Thirty: A 30s Romance Story. How To Be Thirty or previously titled Not Yet 30 is a romantic drama that deals with the work and love life of a woman who has just entered her thirties.

Besides Kang Min Hyuk, this drama is also played by Jung In Sun, Hani (Ahn Hee Yeon), Song Jae Rim, Cha Min Ji, and Baek Sung Chul. This drama has 15 episodes and is produced by KakaoM, every Tuesday and Saturday.

Well, the main characters here are Jung In Sun and Kang Min Hyuk. Jung In Sun plays a webtoon writer named Seo Ji Won. Then Kang Min Hyuk plays Lee Seung Yoo.

Synopsis How To Be Thirty

Seo Ji Won is a webtoon writer who is very dedicated to his work and puts love aside.

Thanks to his hard work, he managed to publish his work at the age of 25. Now at the age of 30, Ji Won has become a famous writer who has many fans.

But when he saw his love life, it was not as smooth as his career. One day, his life is turned upside down when Lee Seung Yoo, his first love in middle school, reappears in front of him.

The story is further complicated when Cha Do Hoon, the director in charge of the adaptation of Ji Won’s work, shows interest in him.

How will the story of the three continue?


Title: ajik natseoreun / How To Be Thirty / Something About 30 / Born in 1985 / Still Not Thirty / Not Yet 30 / Not Yet Thirty
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Director: Oh Ki Hwan
Production House: M Cocoa, Merry Christmas
TV Channels: Kakao TV, Viki
Number of Episodes: 15
Runtime: 23 February 2021 – 13 April 2021
Showtimes: Tuesday and Saturday at 17.00 Korean time or 15.00 WIB

How To Be Thirty

Drama actor

1. The Unpredictable Lee Seung Yoo

Lee Seung Yoo since high school has always been popular and has many fans.

He seems to be enjoying his popularity and is known very well to everyone, including the girls.

This makes Seo Ji Won doubt whether Lee Seung Yoo is good to him just because he is being nice or has more feelings.

Until high school, Seo Ji Won dared to shoot Lee Seung Yoo, but was rejected!

Even though it turned out that Lee Seung Yoo didn’t mean to reject Seo Ji Won, you know, but Seo Ji Won felt that he had been rejected.

And that’s what makes the two drift apart until they meet again when they are approaching 30 years old.

2. Seo Ji Won

Seo Ji Won poured his personal experience of first love into the webtoon he wrote, and this webtoon was a hit in the market.

One day, it was reported that there was a new editor for his webtoon, and it turned out to be Lee Seung Yoo.

Unexpectedly, Lee Seung Yoo deliberately wanted to be Seo Ji Won’s editor and he was sure that the story that Seo Ji Won wrote was the story between him and Seo Ji Won back in high school!

Yup, Lee Seung Yoo can tell this is their story because he likes Seo Ji Won too!

Review How To Be Thirty

You could say that after Seo Ji Won and Lee Seung Yoo started to get close again because of the writer-editor relationship, each of them was already flirting with each other.

But they are backstreet because after all, they are colleagues.

At first, their relationship was very lovey-dovey, but they were not honest with each other!

It turns out that Lee Seung Yoo already has a girlfriend, and he immediately broke up with his girlfriend after he and Seo Ji Won officially started dating, but Lee Seung Yoo wasn’t honest with Seo Ji Won.

Seo Ji Won had guessed that Lee Seung Yoo already had a girlfriend because he saw the signs, but Seo Ji Won didn’t want to ask Lee Seung Yoo about this.

So, the relationship between the two of them had started with dishonesty and each kept a secret so that in the end they both became suspicious of each other.

A relationship that begins with dishonesty like this is very unhealthy, girls, it’s been proven that it was only recently that the two of them had often fought because of misunderstandings and conflicts related to lies.

Then how can they get through this conflict?

Hmm, if you explain everything here, it will be a spoiler!

So you can watch this drama Not Yet 30 directly, it’s only 15 episodes and each episode is less than 30 minutes.

Btw, have you experienced the same thing as Seo Ji Won or not, girls?

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