Interesting Facts about Korean Drama User Not Found

Interesting Facts about Korean Drama User Not Found. Jinyoung CIX, who was previously known as a member of Wanna One, is now ready to expand his acting wings in his debut drama User Not Found. This drama will tell the story of two middle school students who happen to have the same name.

Synopsis User Not Found

‘User Not Found’ is a romance drama that tells the story of 2 high school students who happen to have the same name, namely Yoo Min Jae.

The story begins when the two high school girls transfer to a new school at the same time.

The two also make a secret contract to exchange identities in the hope that it will change their lives.

In the drama, Bae Jin Young will play the most popular student in high school named Shin Yi Joon.

Although from the outside he looks tough and aloof, Shin Yi Joon is very gentle and never fights with other students.

He even had a hard time saying no to other people.

User Not Found kdrma

Many seasoned with teenage life, besides Jinyoung this drama will also star talented young stars, such as Shin So Hyun, Han Ye Ji, Ahn Se Min to Jung Hyun Ji. Come on, find out ten interesting facts about the following drama User Not Found.

1. User Not Found carries the friendship and romance genre, this is a web drama broadcast by the KOK TV YouTube channel
2. The story begins with two transfer students who have the same name and decide to make a secret contract
3. The secret contract contains to exchange identities and start over at their new school
4. Jinyoung CIX in his debut drama is believed to be the main character who plays a character named Shin Yi Joon
5. Shin Yi Joon is a student figure who always attracts attention and is famous for his popularity at school
6. On the other hand, Shin Yi Joon is a loner student and is very kind to other people
7. While Shin So Hyun will play Yoo Min Jae who is a transfer student at Shin Yi Joon’s school
8. Yoo Min Jae had to change schools because he had made a secret contract to exchange identities with another Yoo Min Jae (Han Ye Ji)
9. Han Ye Ji will also play a character named Yoo Min Jae who swaps identities. However, he has a different character and personality
10. This drama will also be enlivened by supporting actors who will star Ahn Se Min and Jung Hyun Ji

Shin So Hyun’s Role Facts:

1. . Previously he also starred in the web drama The Moment the Heart Shines and now Shin So Hyun is back in the lead role
2. This 18-year-old rookie actress will play a character named Yoo Min Jae who is a transfer student
3. The educational institution he chose was Shin Yi Joon’s school (Jinyoung CIX), he sat next to him
4. Yoo Min Jae has a charisma that makes friends at his new school immediately fall in love with him

For fans of Korean dramas, the cast of User Not Found may be unfamiliar. However, make no mistake they are considered talented rookie actor actresses, you know. Scheduled to air December 3 to January 1 next, User Not around presents 10 episodes. Interested in watching the drama?

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