K-Drama Review: Be My Boyfriend (2021)

K-Drama Review: Be My Boyfriend (2021). “Be My Boyfriend” is the latest Korean web drama starring Lee Si Woo, Shin Hyun Seung, Yuju Cherry Bullet, Im Sung Kyun, Byeong Kwan A.C.E, and Jung Bo Min. This drama is a spin-off of the popular web drama “Best Mistake” which will be on February 25, 2021, on V Live.


Title: Be My Boyfriend / From Today, Dating Contract / Oneulbuteo gyeyagyeonae
Director: Lee Shi Young
Author: Han Song Yi
Channel: WHYNOT Media on KOKTV
Premiere: February 25 on V-Live, March 2 on YouTube
Episodes: 15

Synopsis Be My Boyfriend

Se Seung Min (Shin Hyun Seung) is an ordinary young boy and a first-year high school student. He is easy to get along with other people, can exercise, and is also smart.

He is always focused on what he is doing. Because of this, Lee Seung Min was liked by his friends. Once upon a time, he liked the most popular girl in his school named Oh Ji Na (Lee Shi Woo).

Oh, Ji Na is an idol trainee from a famous agency. She seems like a cold girl who is hard to talk to. But the truth is, he’s the kind of person who is easy-going and straightforward.

She is also a very friendly girl, but sometimes she looks envious of all the girls in her school.

One day, Oh Ji Na came to Lee Seung Min and asked him to have a fake relationship with him. In the process, Lee Seung Min struggles with real feelings.

Be My Boyfriend

Besides the two of them, there are other students around them such as Seong Han Na, Oh Ba Ul, Joo Min Ji, and Ku Hyung-Tak with their own stories.

Seong Han Na (Choi Yu Ju) is part of the popular young girl trio at school consisting of Dia, Oh Ji Na, and Joo Min Ji. She is a girl who looks arrogant and difficult to approach.

Seong Han Na always has the latest fashion trends and is the envy of other students.

Meanwhile, his friend Joo Min Ji (Jung Bo Min) who is also part of the popular trio is the school’s, Paris Hilton. His character is cheerful and many people love him.

Joo Min Ji also often arbitrates when her two best friends Oh Ji Na and Seong Han Na fight.

Ku Hyung-Tak (Im Sung Kyun) is a smart man and has a good relationship. Since childhood, He has been a genius baseball player.

Oh, Ba Ul (Kim Byeong Kwan) is a classmate of Lee Seung Min. She also often shares everything with him. Oh, Ba-Wool this is the type of guy who wants to enjoy life. He also knows about everything that happens at school.

Cast Be My Boyfriend

Lee Si Woo as Oh Ji Na

Oh, Ji Na is a promising idol trainee from a famous agency. He seems cold and hard to talk to, but he is outspoken and easygoing. He also has a friendly charm. But he was jealous of all the girls at school.

Shin Hyun Seung as Lee Seung Min

Lee Seung Min is doing well in studies, sports, and friendships. He is caring and sincere in everything he does. Because of this, he won the trust and love of his classmates.

You Cherry Bullet as Sung Han Na

Sung Han Na is part of the school’s popular trio alongside Oh Ji Na and Ju Min Ji. He has a flashy personality, arrogant and difficult to approach. However, she has a good fashion sense and likes fashion trends which makes other students jealous of her.

Im Sung Kyun as Ku Hyung Tak

Kyu Hyung Tak is a genius baseball player since elementary school. With good grades and good relations, he monopolizes the love of students and teachers.

Kim Byeong Kwan A.C.E as Oh Ba Wool

Oh, Ba Wool is in the same class as Seung Min and shares everything with him. He likes to enjoy life. He knows everyone and everything that happens at school.

Jung Bo Min as Ju Min Ji

Ju Min Ji is part of the school’s popular trio alongside Ji Na and Han Na. She was Paris Hilton at school. He has a cheerful personality that is loved by many. When Ji Na and Han Na fight, he is the one who acts as a mediator.

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