K-Drama Review: Homemade Love Story

Drama Review: Homemade romance. Homemade story or “Oh! Samgwang Villa” may be a new series released by the KBS 2 channel which started airing last September 19, 2020. The series stars Lee Jang Woo and actress Jin Ki Joo.
This family drama genre series continues to experience an increase in the number of viewers and a fairly high rating because it is increasingly being discussed by netizens.
On the fourth week of broadcast yesterday, September 27, 2020, the drama rating reached 26.4% for the entire country and 25.4% for the South Korean region only.

Drama actor

1. Lee Jang Woo as Woo Jae Hee
2. Jin Ki Joo as Bit Chae Won
3. Lee Hae Deun as Bona
4. Lee Ra Hoon as Ryeo Un
5. Jeon In Hwa as Lee Soon Jung (Bit Chae Won’s mother, Bona and Ryu Un)
6. Hwan Shin Hye as CEO Kim Jung Won who is also the mother of Jang Seo A
7. Han Bo Reum as Jang Seo A
8. Jin Kyung as Jung Min Jae (Jae Hee’s mother)
9. Jung Bo Suk as Woo Jung Hoo (Jae Hee’s father)
10. Kim Sun Young as Lee Man Jung
11. In Gyo Jin as Kim Hwak Se
12. Jeon Sung Woo as Hwang Na Ro
13. Kim Si Eun as Cha Ba Reun

Homemade love story

Homemade Love Story Synopsis

Woo Jae Hee (Lee Jang Woo) is an architect who is the son of a high-class man, but thanks to a dispute with his fierce and patriarchal father, he chooses to be independent and even lives in a cheap motel.
Bit Chae Won (Jin Ki Joo) is an indoor designer who lives with his two younger siblings. These three siblings are adopted children who were raised like their own children by a very gentle and kind mother named Lee Son Jung.
Bit Chae Won and Jae Hee meet for the first time during a project to create a house that is almost renovated. At first, they kept fighting and arguing. He is also in a dilemma, because he wants to find his biological parents, but feels sorry for his adoptive mother who is very kind to him and his stepsisters.


Then inside the villa, there is Lee Bit Chae Woon (played by Jin Ki Joo) who is so persistent and brave.
Chae Woon works at an internal design shop. She also wanted to be a textile designer. Chae Woon is also very careful in taking care of his mother because he was easily deceived by Lee Soon Jung since childhood.
Woo Jae Hee can be a handsome and confident architect but he gets angry easily and sometimes looks arrogant.

Woo Jae Hee’s father, Wong Jung Hoo (Jung Bo Suk) is the CEO of a large company. However, the father and son have a relationship that doesn’t usually get along, so from college Woo Jae Hee decides to measure independently.
Woo Jae Hee and Lee Bit Chae Woon met after they met at a house project that was being renovated. At first, they always argue about their respective skills at work.

Woo Jae Hee loves the love and warmth of this place so he creates a family-like atmosphere. Meanwhile, Lee Bit Chae Woon wants to run away from the villa.
But gradually the chemistry between Woo Jae Hee and Lee Bit Chae Woon will grow with a romance that attracts viewers, especially with their frequent together at the villa and working.

I think this drama in the early episodes is a bit slow, but it gets more interesting the more you follow it. The plot of trying to find the birth mother is also a little boring, but like I said, you have to watch a few episodes first to understand the fun.

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