Korean Drama Dr. Lawyer: 2022 Will Star So Ji Sub

Korean Drama Dr. Lawyer: 2022 Will Star So Ji Sub. The Korean drama Dr. Lawyer will be the latest project from the famous actor So Ji Sub. Chosen to be the main actor again in a Korean drama that uses this medical story to be in the spotlight.

Not surprisingly, since about four years ago he had a vacuum. No role in drama or film at all.

This title will bring quite an interesting story for Korean drama lovers. Far from a romantic story like the last drama he played before.

This story will focus on humanity and of course the medical world. Then, which will be interesting because the merging of medical and legal will provide new knowledge.

Synopsis Dr. Lawyer

This story has a male main player who is the best graduate from South Korea University. Become a competent surgeon in two departments, namely in surgery and cardiothoracic specialist who is very genius. Not only that he was very famous both in the hospital and when he was at the University.

But that all changed when He ran an operation. With the patient not surviving in the end, everything changes his life.

Han Yi Han felt that he had done the procedure correctly. There is no problem at all doing the operation.


In this Korean drama, Dr. Lawyer experiences conflict when the main character gets a life test. His license to operate was revoked and he could no longer be a surgeon.

Eventually, he turned into a lawyer. However, he still uses his medical skills when investigating cases belonging to his clients.

When he became a public attorney, he also tried to investigate the case that had happened to him. In addition to fighting for the rights of people who want treatment even though they do not have money.

The importance of treatment is not only measured by the wealth and position of the patient. After passing through various roads even lost family and lovers.

The story in this drama has quite a complicated problem. So it would be better if you watch it together with family or friends to be more relaxed.

But if you want to focus more you should watch it yourself. The topic they raised this time was quite unusual and made the audience interested in completing it until the end.

Dr. Lawyer

Info Dr. Lawyer

Reportedly this drama will total 16 episodes in its broadcast. In addition, because it is still in the monitoring stage, this drama will only air in 2022 in the first half.

The duration of the show is like a drama usually, around an hour and ten minutes. Aired on the South Korean television channel, MBC.

Elevating the criminal genre, combining the worlds of medicine and law. We will get a new atmosphere from this drama.

It’s no wonder that since the news appeared this drama has been in the spotlight. Even to the homeland to South Korean drama fans.

Production team

The Korean drama Dr. Lawyer will be worked on by the famous South Korean director, Lee Yong Seok. By scriptwriting Jang Hong Cheol.

It Will air on the famous television channel MBC next year. In addition, we can still follow the development of the latest drama on this one.

Cast Drama

The teams that will work on this exciting drama have already decided on the main character. We certainly often see it in various popular drama titles.
One of the senior actors on this one will play a genius. Born on November 4, 1977, it means that he is now approximately 43 years old.

When acting as Han Yi Han who is a genius. Not only that, he gets a lot of attention from women.

Because the charisma that radiates is quite clear. With sturdy stature and good looks made him a star.

Besides that, he had a brilliant career as a surgeon. Until everything changed when he was accused of making a mistake while practicing to make the patient die.

Dr. Lawyer’s Korean drama airing next year will give us new knowledge. Not only presenting spectacle but also can give a new and interesting impression. A world that is rarely discussed and put together in a drama.

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