Korean Drama Leaks The Red Sleeve Cuff Airing November 2021

Korean Drama Leaks The Red Sleeve Cuff Airing November 2021. The new MBC drama that will air next November, The Red Sleeve Cuff shares some interesting footage.

MBC’s Korean drama The Red Sleeve Cuff starring Junho 2 PM and Lee Se Young.

Synopsis Red Sleeve

Sung Deok Im is a palace lady. She gets involved with Crown Prince Lee San, and she falls in love with him.
The crown prince eventually became King Jeongjo. He now wants Sung Deok Im to be his concubine, but she refuses.
Sung Deok Im wants to live her life freely, something that is impossible as a concubine.
He also knew that the life of a royal concubine generally did not bring happiness. However, Sung Deok Im became King Jeongjo’s concubine.


Based on the popular novel, The Red Sleeve Cuff is a traditional historical drama that chronicles the imperial court romance between a court lady who wants to protect the life she has chosen and an emperor who puts nation above love.

Info Red Sleeve

In The Red Sleeve Cuff, 2PM’s Junho plays Yi San, the direct descendant and eldest grandson of the King.

Meanwhile, actress Lee Se Young plays court lady Seong Deok Im, who wants to make her own decisions about life rather than being one of the King’s many concubines.

In newly released stills from the upcoming drama The Red Sleeve Cuff, Yi San and Seong Deok Im stand alone by a quiet pool.

Yi San exudes elegance and power in his royal robes and Seong Deok Im wears a traditional dress with red cuffs.

The two characters make heartwarming eye contact and the romantic atmosphere is enhanced by the beautiful scenery.

Red Sleeve

However, it was interesting to see the two looking at each other as palace ladies were not allowed to look the crown prince in the eye.

Yi San looks at Seong Deok Im with interest and can look along with a slightly shy one.

The Red Sleeve Cuff drama consists of 16 episodes and is scheduled to premiere on November 5, 2021, at 10 p.m. KST or 8 p.m. KST.
The Red Sleeve Cuff will air on the MBC television channel every Friday and Saturday.


1. The drama will highlight the love affair between the king and a woman who is wanted to be his concubine
2. Junho will play a prince named Lee San who later became King Jeongjo
3. On the other hand, Lee Se Young takes on the role of an ambitious, free-spirited woman named Seong Deok Im
4. After meeting Seong Deok Im, Lee San wanted her to be his concubine
5. Unfortunately, Seong Deok Im refuses because he knows life as a concubine will not bring happiness
6. Lee San will be faced with a choice between rationality as the leader of the country or giving love to only one woman
7. The Red Sleeve Cuff became Junho’s comeback event in the acting world, after being released from military service
8. Meanwhile for Lee Se Young, The Red Sleeve Cuff is the next acting project after the drama Kairos (2020)
9. The drama, which was adapted from the novel by Kang Mi Kang, is scheduled to premiere on November 5th

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