Korean Drama Review: Bride of The Water God

Korean Drama Review: Bride of The Water God. Nam Joo Hyuk and Bride of Water God seem to be the most frequently Googled and searched words on Instagram (353 thousand posts) lately by K-drama lovers. After the drama “My Secret Romance” with Sung Hoon ended, we (#eaaaa) were treated to Nam Joo Hyuk’s new drama entitled “Bride of Water God”.

Synopsis Bride of The Water God

“Bride of The Water God” or “The Bride of Habaek”, tells the story of the romance between the God of Water; Ha-Baek with earth man, a psychiatrist; Yoon So-Ah.

Ha-Baek was destined to become King in the realm of the Gods and was sent down to earth to carry out a task. Accompanied by his loyal ‘servant’; Nam Soo-Ri who had experience on earth before. He traveled to find the 3 God stones before the red waters to the bottom. 7 flows, as the main requirement to become a King. But after arriving on earth, he lost the coordinates to track the location of the stone and instead met a psychiatrist. He always depends on Yoon So-Ah and Nam Soo-Ri to live his daily life.

the bride of god

Storyline Bride of The Water God

This romantic fantasy genre drama tells the story of a Water God named Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk). The story is, he was created to be a King in the realm of the gods. Well, to complete the coronation process, Habaek was sent to come down to earth to collect the god’s stone which was in the hands of other gods. For his task to run smoothly he is recommended to find descendants of god servants to help him while in the human world.

Trials and trials don’t just happen to humans, guys. The proof is that the future king of the gods still gets the test from the divine. When descending to earth, something error occurred which made Habaek fail to ‘land’ at the proper coordinates. So that makes him have to make an emergency landing in a park. Incidentally at that time, a psychiatrist named Yoon So Ah was shouting his turmoil. The meeting that was classified as an incident ended up causing a misunderstanding between the two of them. Unfortunately for Habaek, he also lost the power of his god, making it difficult to prove to his god.

Drama actor

‘Nam Joo-Hyuk’ as Ha-Baek
‘In Ju-Hwan’ as Shin Hoo-Ye
‘Shin Se-Kyung’ as Yoon So-Ah
‘Krystal Jung’ as Moo-Ra
Brother ‘Gong Myung’ as Bi-Ryuu

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