Korean Drama Review: Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

Korean Drama Review: Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. If we observe the trend of Korean dramas that take a royal setting, the plot generally focuses on the political intrigue for the throne. There is also a story about the concubines of the kings to the king’s most famous healer. But Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency has a different approach. Although featuring a struggle for the throne, the focus of the story is not there. But it’s about the matchmaker profession that is carried out by three handsome male friends, namely Ma Hoon, Do Joon, and Young Soo. These three friends are known as the Flower Crew. In contrast to the profile of a matchmaker who is generally old, the three friends are still very young.

Synopsis Flower Crew

Ma Hoon is the son of a high-ranking official in the State Council. Her aunt managed to become a queen. But the king and his crown prince died. The shaky state of the kingdom doesn’t seem to affect Ma Hoon. He still receives many clients to find a soul mate. For his family, Ma Hoon’s profession is not good. His father insisted that he return home and live the life of royalty. Ma Hoon refuses because he prefers the art of matchmaking.

Flower Crew


Drama Title: Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (literal title)
Romanization Title: Kkotpadang: Joseonhondamgongjakso
Director: Kim Ga-Ram
Storyteller: Kim Yi-Rang (novel), Kim Yi-Rang
TV Channel : JTBC
Number of Episodes:
Show starts: September 16, 2019
Airs every Monday and Tuesday, at 21:30

Storyline Flower Crew

He has a rule that is to match a partner who does have the possibility of success. Because of that, he refused Lee Soo’s request. The son of a blacksmith fell in love with a woman named Gae Dong. Despite being close to Gae Dong, Lee Soo believes he needs the help of a matchmaker. Moreover, rumors say, the couple met by Flower Crew has never failed in a relationship. Lee Soo even wanted to give his late mother’s most valuable inheritance to the Flower Crew. On the other hand, Ma Hoon hates Gae Ddong because they have their problems.

lack of drama

The female characters in this drama are also portrayed with unpleasant stereotypes. Women are considered weak and need men’s help. So weak that she couldn’t even think of just getting out of the way when she was about to get knocked over by the drum.

A different picture is given to the male characters in this drama. Some male characters look feminine. But once again the image of the feminine male character in this drama feels a little excessive.

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