Korean Drama Review Let Me Be Your Knight 2021

Korean Drama Review Let Me Be Your Knight 2021. The Korean drama Let Me Be Your Knight has aired its first episode in episode 1, here’s the full review.

Let Me Be Your Knight was officially aired by SBS as a local site and iQIYI as an international site, with a total of 12 episodes.

Officially aired on November 7, 2021, and is said to be ending on January 23, 2022, with 1 episode per week.


Yoon Tae In is the leader of an idol group called LUNA.
He suffers from sleepwalking disease.
To cure his illness, a fake doctor secretly treats him.

In Yoon Joo works as a tour guide.
He has a dream to be able to buy his own house.
In Yoon Joo happens to be involved in an incident and starts living as a fake doctor with five LUNA members.
The drama, starring Jung In Sung and Lee Jun Young, is a Romantic comedy and Musical genre about the story of South Korean idols.


– Jung In-Sun as In Yoon Joo
– Lee Jun-Young U-KISS as Yoon Tae-In
– JR NU’EST as Lee Shin
– AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun as Woo Ga-On
– Jang Dong Joo as Seo Woo-Yeon

let me be your knight


Tells the story of Luna’s band and how the band’s leader, Yoon Tae In (Lee Jun-Young) and In Yoon Joo (Jung On Sun) met.

LUNA is a top brand that has many fans, with other members namely Lee Shin (NU’EST JR) as bassist, Woo Ga ​​On (AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun) as keyboardist, Yoo Chan (Yoon Ji Sung) as a drummer, and Seo Woo Yeon (Jang Dong Joo) as a guitarist.

In its first episode, the band released the song ‘Midnight Fantasy’ but did not receive a positive response from the public.

The leader, Yoon Tae In, lost his health until he passed out on stage after working hard to write his new song.

He was then hospitalized and at that time was sitting in a park, which was the beginning of his meeting with In Yoon Joo.

The unlucky In Yoon Joo is a tour guide who has just been tricked by his boss and threw away all his hard work.

He is known to have a twin is a dentist who lives in the United States, his twin brother was adopted when they were little.

When Yoon Joo was about to ask her twin sister for help who happened to be in Korea for a few days, Yoon Tae Ingot had the wrong idea.

Because of money, Yoon Joo ends up pretending to be her twin sister who is a doctor to treat Yoon Tae In’s illness.

Yoon Joo will be staying at the LUNA dorm with the other members. This is certainly not easy because Yoon Tae In stubbornly refuses.

U-KISS Jun Role Facts

Jun is a member of the boy group U-KISS who is also actively pursuing a career as an actor. Recently, he made a comeback as the main character in the drama Let Me Be Your Knight. This drama tells the story of the love story of a band vocalist and a fake doctor who secretly treats him.

This rom-com and music genre drama has been airing since November 7 on SBS and iQiyi. The totality of Jun’s acting in this drama has also stolen attention since the initial episode of this drama. Therefore, let’s look at ten facts about Jun’s role in Let Me Be Your Knight below.

1. Let Me Be Your Knight is the third drama starring Jun U-KISS in 2021
2. Previously, he starred in Imitation as the main character. He also made a cameo in the drama D.P.
3. The owner of Lee Jun Young’s real name plays Yoon Tae In in Let Me Be Your Knight
4. Yoon Tae In is the vocalist and producer of a famous band called Luna
5. The other four Luna band members are played by Jang Dong Joo, NU’EST’s JR, Yoon Ji Sung, and AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun
6. Yoon Tae In is said to have succeeded in bringing the Luna band to success and popularity
7. Despite all that, Yoon Tae In is secretly having a hard time because of the sleepwalking disorder he suffers from
8. To treat his illness, In Yoon Joo (Jung In Sun), will live in the same house with him and the other Luna band members
9. Often spending time together makes both of them fall in love with each other. But things will get complicated because In Yoon Joo isn’t a doctor

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