Korean Drama Review Lost (2021)

Korean Drama Review Lost (2021).  The Korean drama or KdramaLost will tell the story of the lifetime of a 40-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man.

This Korean drama or drakor Lost was directed by Hur Jin Ho and Park Hong Soo, and also the screenplay was written by Kim Ji Hye.

Quoted by Kabar-Banten.com on the asianwiki site Korean drama or drakor Lost has been airing since September 4, 2021, with a complete of sixteen episodes.

This Korean drama or drakor Lost will fill the slot every Saturday and Sunday on the jTBC channel at 22.30 (WIB) which was previously filled by Nevertheler who finished last week.

Synopsis Lost

Korean drama or drakor Lost tells the story of ordinary those that realize that they need not become anything and have had nothing throughout their lives.

They try their best to attain everything they require and live a more robust life.

One of them is Boo Jung he’s a shadow writer in his 40s, he feels lost in his life which suggests nothing.

There’s also Kang Jae, a person who runs a service where employees play whatever role the client requests.

Kang Jae could be a human figure who lives meaning to get rich, he does whatever he can to earn money.

However, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to produce anything Kang Jae is simply a person who pretends to be an adult but is an innocent boy.

Kang Jae’s everyday life is crammed with clients sending him messages about what they require.

Both Boo Jung and Kang Jae will both struggle in living their tough lives.

They will attempt to achieve what they require, they’ll study the meaning of life and loneliness at the identical time.

The youth they experience will reveal a unique philosophy of life.



• Jeon Do Yeon as Miss Jung
• Ryoo Joon Yeol as Kang Jae
• Park Byung Eun as Jung Soo
• Kim Hyo Jin as Kyung Eun
• Park Ji Young as A Ran
• Yang Dong Geun as Woo Nam
• Son Na-Eun
• Jo Eun Ji
• Jung Yun Ha

Drama Facts Lost

1. Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol’s small screen comeback

Their names might not be so familiar among international Korean drama fans. However, regarding the matter of acting, there’s no must doubt it.

After starring within the drama the great Wife in 2016, Jeon Do Yeon finally returned to the little screen with the drama Lost.

2. A melodrama a couple of realistic adult story

The melodrama genre, Lost will tell the story of ordinary folks that realize that they need not become anything in their lives.

Lost will concentrate on a girl in their 40s and a 27-year-old man who is hitting very cheap in their lives.

The two people then meet and start a healing journey. They decided to undertake their best in seeing the hope that existed.

In general, this drama depicts adults who are attempting to seek out light to rouse and travel with life.

3. Jeon Do Yeon plays a lady in her 40s who sounds like a failure

Jeon Do Yeon will play Boo Jung, a lady in her 40s who works as a shadow writer. although Boo Jung has tried her best, she still loses the meaning of life when facing her biggest failure.

When Boo Jung sees a pointy decline in life, she immediately dives into the darkness. Boo Jung may be a character who encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions.

4. Ryu Jun Yeol transformed into a 27-year-old boy who was afraid that his future wasn’t promising

Kang Jae works to run a service to meet the assorted requests of his clients. he’s a risk seeker who works to beat poverty.

Kang Jae tries to require various shortcuts while hoping to become an expensive person with the next rank.

But actually, he feels he has achieved nothing when faced with such a steep struggle.

He also felt that he didn’t have a promising future. it absolutely was when he was at his lowest point that he met Boo Jung (Jeon Do Yeon).

In this drama, Ryu Jun Yeol will draw just a psychological change in Kang Jae’s lost character. This complicated character will wander into an uncertain self with a reality that’s also unstable.

5. Drama debut of film maker The Last Princess and writer Architecture 101

Drama Lost was also worked on by a movie director and writer specialist. Lost are going to be the drama debut of director Hur Jin-Ho and writer Kim Ji Hye.

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