Korean Dramas Airing in November 2021

Korean Dramas Airing in November 2021.

1. The Red Sleeve Cuff

You can watch this drama starting November 5, 2021, on MBC. This saeguk drama set in the 18th century depicts the love story between King Jeongjo and his concubine, Uibin Sung (Lee Se Young). Sung Deok Im is a palace maid. She gets involved with crown prince Lee Dan (Lee Jun Ho)—later King Jeongjo—and falls in love with him.

The crown prince finally became a king. He wanted Sung Deok Im to be his concubine, but the woman refused. She also knew that the life of being a concubine would not bring happiness.

2. Melancholia

The noon and dongsaeng couple, Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun are ready to accompany you to Melancholia on November 3, 2021. This drama tells the story of a math teacher, Jin Yoo Soo (Im Soo Jung) who falls in love with a genius math student, Baek Seung Yoo. (Lee Do Hyun).

He is a kind person and has a strong desire to move forward. He encouraged his students to find answers to math questions.

Baek Seung Yoo is a student at the private school where Ji Yoon Soo teaches. He rarely talks but likes to take pictures with his DSLR camera. He had no friends at school and his academic grades were at the bottom of the rankings. As a child, he won many math olympiads. When he was 10, he made it into MIT in the US, but suddenly disappeared at the age of 12. You can watch this drama on tvN.

3. I’ll Become Your Night

Yoon Tae In (Lee Jun-Young) is the leader of the idol group Luna. He suffers from sleepwalking. To cure his illness, he secretly starts living with a fake doctor.

Yoon Joo works as a tour guide. His dream is to one day be able to buy his own house. He gets involved in an incident and starts life as a fake doctor. You can watch this drama on SBS.

4. One Ordinary Day

Actor Kim Soo Hyun will return to appear in a drama with a different genre. The drama One Ordinary Day tells the story of Kim Hyun Soo (Kim Soo Hyun), a student who is accused of murder.

Meanwhile, Shin Joong Han (Cha Seung Won) is a third-rate lawyer. He barely passed the bar exam and wasn’t great at anything, but he was the only person willing to help Kim Hyun Soo. The drama will consist of eight episodes and will air on Coupang Play.

5. Now, We Are Breaking Up

Now, We Are Breaking Up

Finally one Song Hye Kyo comeback in drama. This drama tells a dream-like story of love and separation. Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) plays the leader of a design team at a fashion company.

Meanwhile, Song Hye Kyo’s co-star is Jang Ki Yong who plays Yoon Jae Joon. Jae Joon is a popular freelance fashion photographer. This drama will air on SBS on November 12, 2021, replacing the drama One The Woman.

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