Latest Information on Korean Drama Chilling Co-Habitation

Latest Information on Korean Drama Chilling Co-Habitation. Sowon, ex-GFriend, and Chanwoo iKON, finally collaborated to star in a new drama. The drama starring Sowon and Chanwoo is Chilling Co-Habitation. This drama, featuring the genre of romantic comedy (rom-com).

On September 30, Kim So Jung (Sowon) and iKON’s Chanwoo were announced to star in Chilling Co-Habitation. Unfortunately, Chilling Co-Habitation will be made in the form of a sine-Rama (a combination of cinema and drama). This means that Chilling Co-Habitation will be produced in two versions, namely film and drama.

Synopsis Chilling Co-Habitation

In short, Chilling Co-Habitation is a horror-spiced romantic comedy that tells the story of Jung Se Ri. The story is, Jung Se Ri can see ghosts.

In addition, this drama also tells about Song Ji Chan, a ghost who lives during human life.

The story will be more interesting when Jung Se Ri can see the ghost figure of Song Ji Chan. Their meeting finally opened a new destiny for their lives. In the story, Jung Se Ri and Song Ji Chan will live together.

Chilling Co-Habitation

Drama actor

The woman who can see ghosts named Jung Se Ri will be played by Sowoon, while Chanwoo will play Song Ji Chan, a ghost who lives with humans.

Jung Se Ri has a warm and flexible character, but life is often disrupted because of the ghosts she sees often. Annoyed, Jung Se Ri struggles not to see ghosts anymore. However, it failed when he met Song Ji Chan.

Song Ji Chan is a selfish second-generation chaebol who is very pious. He became a ghost because he died in an accident. While becoming a ghost, his personality gradually becomes warmer after he meets Jung Se Ri.

On September 30, the two characters finished the first script reading with the supporting actors. Actors and actresses in attendance were Kim Ye Ji, Lee Yoo Jin, Lee Joong Mun, Song Young Sook, Park Sang Hoo, and Joo Soo Kyung.

Meanwhile, the film version of Chilling Co-Habitation will be screened in the first half of 2022. While the drama version will be screened before the film airs. The drama version will air on OTT and YouTube. (nvl)

Fact Chilling Co-Habitation

1. Chilling Cohabitation is a collaboration project between CGV and Contact Media which is packaged in the form of cine-Rama (cinema and drama)
2. The project is scheduled to premiere on the big screen in the first half of 2022, before being released on YouTube and other platforms
3. For this acting debut, Sowon was immediately trusted to play the main character named Jeong Se Ri
4. In her daily life, Jeong Se Ri works as a part-time employee at a cafe
5. Not an ordinary girl, Jeong Se Ri turns out to have the ability to see supernatural beings
6. Even though she often faces difficulties because of her abilities, Se Ri is known as a friendly and cheerful person
7. One day, he met a selfish spirit figure named Song Ji Chan, where the character is played by iKON’s Chanwoo
8. Song Ji Chan comes from a conglomerate family. However, he died due to the accident that befell him
9. His meeting with Jeong Se Ri changed his character from being selfish to being more caring and understanding
10. This project is also an acting comeback for Chanwoo iKON after a hiatus of 8 years since starring in the drama The Heirs

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