Latest Information on Korean Drama Happiness 2021

Latest Information on Korean Drama Happiness 2021. ‘Happiness’ is a special Korean drama in 2021. ‘Happiness’ is a Korean drama that is worth waiting for because it is Park Hyung Shik’s comeback. The handsome actor who once starred in the famous drama ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ will be directly involved in this Kdrama.

Finally, after waiting for a long time for Park Hyung Shik’s new work, this Oppa will officially participate in a new drama project entitled ‘Happiness’. The Korean drama, which reportedly airs in November 2021, will present the Thriller genre.

Adapted from tvN, this drama is set when the world is at a time when humans have begun to adapt to a pandemic or virus that is spreading. But suddenly a new virus variant appeared and created a psychological war, namely mutual suspicion wrapped in a realistic horror concept.

Maybe this Korean drama will have the same nuance as the drama ‘Sweet Home’ or ‘Strangers’ because according to the additional spill synopsis from tvN, this K-Drama will be set in a newly built apartment complex with a closed room concept.

Drama actor

Park Hyung Shik will play a policeman. Judging from his posture after being discharged from the military, Park Hyung Shik looks a bit fat and more proportional. It will fit this role very well.

A drama is not complete if there is no romance. Park Hyung Shik will pair up with Han Hyo Joo. Maybe you know the drama called ‘W Two World Apart’ which once took the world by storm. This Korean drama genre is complex but unique and fresh.


In the drama ‘Happiness’, Han Hyo Jo will play a special police officer. It turns out that in a Korean drama that carries the Thriller genre, it will be interspersed with a romance story between the two main characters. Although it is not yet known what kind of romance will happen later.

In addition to having a promising genre and story synopsis, the Korean drama ‘Happiness’ also attracts many veteran supporting actors. Like Joo Woo Jin, Lee Joon Hyuk, Park Joo Hee, Baek Hyun Jin, and many others. Drakor Happiness Park Hyung Shik’s comeback after his military service must be included in your mandatory viewing list this year.

Drama Facts Happiness

1. Drama Happiness is an acting comeback event for Park Hyung Suk after a hiatus due to serving in the military
2. Of course this news gives new hope to his fans who can’t wait for his acting again
3. Hyung Sik will take on the role of a criminal detective named Jung Yi Hyeun in the upcoming drama Happiness
4. While Happiness is also Hyo Joo’s newest drama after five years of vacuum after finishing from the drama W: Two Worlds with Lee Jong Suk
5. Han Hyo Joo will play the character of Yoon Sae Bom, a police agent. Sae Bom is told as someone firm and opinionated
6. Happiness is a drama made by tvN, produced by the same writer and director as KDrama Watcher
7. Thriller genre, Happiness tells the story of the struggle to survive due to an epidemic of infectious diseases
8. Apart from Hyung Sik and Hyo Joo, this drama will also star Jo Woo Jin who plays the character of Han Tae Suk, a director of a pharmaceutical company who has a stake in the epidemic
9. Produced by Studio Dragon, Happiness is planned to be released this year although there is no exact release date yet

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