Latest Information on Korean Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff (2021)

Latest Information on Korean Drama The Red Sleeve Cuff (2021). MBC is ready to present a new Korean sageuk drama entitled The Red Sleeve Cuff. This drama stars 2 PM members Lee Junho and Lee Se Young as the main characters. The story is about love that blossoms in the royal palace of Joseon.

Many are looking forward to the chemistry of Lee Junho and Lee Se Young as the main couple of this drama. But before it airs, take a peek at the facts on The Red Sleeve Cuff, which are summarized by reported from various sources including Soompi.

Character The Red Sleeve

Junho plays the conscientious and proud Yi San, who was born as a direct descendant and the eldest grandson of the King. Yi San strives relentlessly to become a good and wise king but is traumatized by the death of his father. But he turns awkward and begins to show his romantic side.

Yi San will be the King of Joseon Jeongjo. In the process, he will experience a conflict between choosing cold rationality as the leader of one country and passionate love. The first photo of Junho as Yi San shows himself changing into a royal robe.

Junho stood up straight as the eunuch and palace mistress were busy dressing him in his robes. His cold and sharp eyes, his furrowed brows, and his pursed lips all conveyed an alluring charm. His serious appearance makes viewers wonder how this resolute and arrogant king will fall in love and change.

Lee Se Young, who debuted as a child artist, will take on the role of court lady Seong Deok Im, who wants to be independent in making decisions about her life rather than being a woman of the King.

In the released photos, Seong Deok Im exudes a soft and mature vibe in her light pink hanbok and neatly braided hair. Unlike ordinary palace ladies, she is ambitious and straightforward. Many are looking forward to Lee Se Young’s charm as a palace maid.

The Red Sleeve


The Red Sleeve Cuff will be a record of the court romance between a court lady, who wants to protect the life she has chosen, and a king, who puts nation above love.

The Red Sleeve Cuff is based on a novel of the same name. The director is Jung Ji In who worked on Radiant Office and Hold Me Tight. The script was written by screenwriter Jung Hae Ri, who worked on Ruler: Master of the Mask.

Debuting as an idol, 2PM’s Junho has established his career in acting through the dramas Just Between Lovers, Wok of Love, Confession, and Good Manager. The 1990-born actor-idol received praise for his steady acting and ability to take on any genre.

The Red Sleeve Cuff will be her first project since being discharged from the military in March. Viewers are anticipating Junho’s transformation into Jeongjo Yi San as he goes back and forth between a level-headed king to a man in love.

MBC has not announced the exact schedule of The Red Sleeve Cuff. However, this sageuk drama will air in November 2021 in the Friday and Saturday slots at 22:00 KST. The Red Sleeve Cuff is prepared to replace The Veil, the new Namgoong Min drama that will air on 12 September.

Even though it will only be broadcast in November, MBC has started to aggressively promote The Red Sleeve Cuff. After photos of still cuts, usually the trailer will follow. Viewers also can’t wait to see the performances of other players such as Jang Hee Jin, Seo Hyo Rim, and more. So you still have to be patient if you want to see Junho and Lee Se Young’s chemistry in The Red Sleeve Cuff.

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