Latest information on Korean Drama Web Peng 2021

Latest information on Korean Drama Web Peng 2021. “PENG” is a Korean drama that will be released in October 2021, starring actress Yoon So Hee.

Apart from him, there are four main male actors, namely Choi Won Myeong, Joo Woo Jae, Lee Seung Il, and Kim Hyun Jin who will star in “PENG”.

The main poster, which was released on September 23, 2021, today shows Yoon So Hee together with the four men in her life.

Yoon So Hee will be a woman who, when she enters her 30s, four men chase to enter her life.

As reported by from Soompi on September 23, 2021, the following roles and a synopsis of the storyline of PENG:

Playlist Studio is back with a new web drama. This time the new web drama is titled, Peng. This web drama presents a light but interesting story to watch. This drama has actress Yoon So Hee as the main character.

Synopsis Peng

Peng tells the story of a woman named Go Sa Ri who enters the second stage of her life when she is 30 years old. He left his suffocating life in his twenties and decided to change his love life.



Title: Peng / Paeng /
Director: Baek Min-Hee
Writer: Lee Mae Jin
Channel: Playlist Studio YouTube Channel, WATCHA
Premiere: October 7, 2021
Episodes: 10

Cast Peng

Yoon So Hee as Go Sa Ri

Go Sa Ri feels trapped in her 20s. He decided to leave his girlfriend of almost 10 years and live a free life in his 30s. She has four different men interested in impressing her, but she won’t let her guard down. He was determined to enjoy this cycle of his life to the fullest.

Choi Won Myeong as Pi Jeong Won

Pi Jung Won is a successful artist who runs a gallery cafe. He has been close friends with Sa Ri since they were young but secretly likes him.

oo Woo Jae as Key Sun Je

Ki Sun Je is the CEO of the fashion brand where Sa Ri works. He doesn’t show up often at the office because he’s busy with other meetings, but because he’s attracted to Sa Ri, he starts showing up at the office more often.

Lee Seung Il as Jeon Woo Sang

Jeon Woo Sang is Sa Ri’s ex-girlfriend. They had been dating for almost 10 years since he was 20 years old. Sa Ri doesn’t want to be in touch with him anymore, but she continues to be close to him.

Kim Hyun Jin as Yeon Ha Rim

Yeon Ha Rim is a young model that Sa Ri meets at a club. He is a brave man who is not afraid to express his feelings

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