Main Cast Profile of Jinx Drama, All K-Pop Idols

Main Cast Profile of Jinx Drama, All K-Pop Idols. The latest drama from Kakao TV ‘Jinx’ will be preparing to greet the audience on October 6. This drama will tell the story of a man who gets a mysterious curse and can have a bad impact on his life.

Before watching the drama, let’s get acquainted with the main players who all come from K-Pop idol circles.

1. Chani SF9

Chani will play the main male character, he plays Kyu Han a student who seems ordinary but he has a curse, where when he sneezes something bad or the opposite of what he expects will happen.

2. Eunseo WJSN

Eunseo will play the main female character named Se Kyung, Kyu Han’s co-worker. She is a beautiful woman but looks cold, rude with her words and actions that are inversely proportional to her face.

3. Kim Bo Ra Cherry Bullet

Until now, there are no details regarding the role that will be played by Kim Bo Ra in the drama. Kim Bo Ra herself is a member of Cherry Bullet who debuted in 2019 under FNC Entertainment

Previously, Bora had a cameo in the drama ‘Girls’ Generation 1979′. Then on August 19, 2017, Bora appeared in BTS’ music video for ‘Love Yourself Highlight Reel’. In 2018, Bora appeared in Dingo Mini Drama as the female lead.

4. Choi Yu Ju

Just like Kim Bo Ra, it is not yet known what kind of character he will play in the drama ‘Jinx’. Yu Ju is also a member of Cherry Bullet, as a vocalist, rapper, and visual. He first appeared in the music video for the group Honeyst’s song ‘Someone to Love’ in 2017.

5. Na In Woo

Actor Na In Woo is a rookie artist who is on the rise thanks to his stunning acting. Recently, he is known to have played a role in the latest drama series entitled Jinx Lover.

Real name: Na Jong Chan
Popular Name: Na In Woo
Place of Birth: South Korea
Date of Birth: September 17, 1994
Height : 187 cm
Weight: 73 kg
IG: @10042n00

na in woo

Fact Na In Woo

1. JYP Entertainment Alumni
Na In Woo is an alumnus of JYP Entertainment before finally deciding to move to an agency called CUBE Entertainment. When Na In Woo was at JYP Entertainment, he was formed to become a KPop idol. But it turns out that Na In Woo prefers the acting world, that’s why Na In Woo decided to change agencies.

2. Dankook University Alumni
Na In Wo turns out to be alumni from Dankook University with a major in performing arts.

3. Good at playing guitar
Na In Woo is an actor who is very good at playing the guitar and this he shows on his personal Instagram page. In addition, on several occasions, Na In Woo also uploaded his guitar collection.

4. Shine or Go Crazy is the first debut on the small screen
Na In Woo is known to have played a role in the South Korean drama titled Shine or Go Crazy in 2015 and was his first debut on the small screen.

5. River Where The Moon Rises is Na In Woo’s best thing
Na In Woo is known to have played a role in the drama series titled River Where The Moon Rises which was the best thing in his career. This was the best thing for him because Na In Woo played the main character in the drama series. Although he initially got the role because he replaced Ji Soo Na In Woo managed to maintain the highest viewership rating of River Were The Moon Rises.

6. 2021 is Na In Woo’s best year
Na In Woo is in his best year because 2021 will be the starting point for his career in acting. Na In Woo has played various drama titles from the beginning of his debut in 2015 until now. Furthermore, the latest drama title awaits in 2021, namely Jinx Lover. (TCT)

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