Part 2! list of Korean dramas airing November 2021

Part 2! list of Korean dramas airing November 2021.

1. Hellbound

A fantasy drama starring Yoo Ah In, Hellbound tells of a death prophecy. The drama is six episodes in length and will premiere on Netflix on November 19, 2021.

Certain people would receive a notification that he was about to die. Then, a grim reaper in the form of a monster would appear out of nowhere to punish and kill those people.

The new Korean drama Yoo Ah In Hellbound made history as the first drama to be screened at the 46th Toronto Film Festival (TIFF). The action drama directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, who previously worked on Train To Busan, paired Yoo Ah In with a series of Korean artists such as Won Jin Ah, Kim Hyun Joo, and Park Jung Min.

As reported by Soompi, Hellbound is a drama that tells the story of a man who experiences supernatural events. The man is also the new religious leader, Saejinrihwe, whose name is Jeong Jin Soo. Meanwhile, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyun Joo will play characters who try to uncover the truth behind the new religion.

Bae Young Jae (played by Park Jung Min) is a broadcast program director. He feels interested in the Saejinrihwe religion and tries to find out the facts of the religious group led by Jin-Soo. He has a wife named Song So Hyun (played by Won Jin Ah). This religion led by Jin-Soo has attracted many parties, not only Young Bae but also Min Hye Jin (played by Kim Hyun Joo). He is a lawyer who tries to fight the followers of Saejinrihwe blindly. There is also Jin Kyung Hoon (played by Yang Ik Jun) who tries to investigate a death that involves the appearance of a grim reaper who is suspected to be related to Saejinrihwe.

This drama is a Netflix series adapted from Yeon Sang Ho’s Webtoon of the same title. This drama is highly anticipated. Especially after the news that this drama was invited and will air on Primetime TIFF which will be held on September 9-18, 2021.

2. The Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi

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The Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi is a historical comedy investigative drama about a person named Ra Yi Eon (Taecyeon) who ends up becoming a secret royal inspector. He teams up with Kim Jo Yi (Kim Hye Yoon), a divorced woman who is looking for happiness.

Ra Yi Eon’s dream is to buy a small dumpling restaurant and run his business. He is smart enough to pass the state exams but wants a relaxed life. He started working in the special counsel’s office. He was later appointed as a secret agent of the kingdom. His life has changed since he met Kim Jo Yi.

Royal secret agents, Ra Yi Eon and Kim Jo Yi then work together to solve the case. This drama will air on tvN and replace the drama High Class.

3. Happiness

The 5-year wait has finally paid off. Eonni Han Hyo Joo is playing another drama. This time he will show acting in Happiness. This drama will air on tvN and has a total of twelve episodes.

Happiness is an apocalypse thriller drama, telling the story of a mental war in an apartment in a big city where the class of citizens is distinguished according to the apartment floor amid the emergence of a new virus. Yoon Sae Bom (Han Hyo Joo) is a member of a special police squad. He was excited about moving into his new apartment but later faced a crisis.

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hyun (Park Hyung Sik) is a detective. He is a smart and honest person. He has romantic feelings for Yoon Sae Boom. They graduated from the same school. Jung Yong Hyun then fights to protect Yoon Sae Boom from the virus outbreak. Then there’s Dan Tae Seok, a colonel, and member of the health service command. He holds the key to the current epidemic of infectious disease.

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