Reasons Why You Should Watch KDrama Here’s My Plan (2021)

Reasons Why You Should Watch KDrama Here’s My Plan (2021). Here’s My Plan starring Ryu Soo Young and Kim Hwan Hee, directed by Sim So Yeon, while the screenplay was written by Ryu Sol A. This drama airs replacing the drama slot Oh Master.

Synopsis Here’s My Plan

Here’s My Plan tells the story of a girl who believes that her life is always miserable.
He dreams of revenge on those responsible for his suffering.

Lee So Hyun (Kim Hwan Hee) is 19 years old.
He dropped out of school and became a pickpocket to support himself.

Lee Jae Young (Ryu Soo Young) runs a small chicken restaurant.
He is friendly and often helps others who are in bad situations.

Here's My Plan drama


Title: Here’s My Plan / Got a Goal / I Have a Goal / A Goal Has Come / Mokpyoga Saengkyeossda / Mogpyoga Saenggyeossda /
Genre: Drama
Country: South Korea
Director: Shim Soo Yeon
Screenwriter: Ryoo Sol Ah
Production house: –
TV Channel: MBC
Number of Episodes: 4
Showtime: 19 May 2021 – 27 May 2021
Showtimes: Every Wednesday and Thursday at 21.20 KST or 19.20 WIB

Drama actor

-Ryu Soo Young as Lee Jae Young
-Kim Hwan Hee as Lee So Hyun
-Lee Young Jin as Kim Yu Mi
-Kim Do Hoon as Cho Yoon Ho
-Lee Shi Woo as Jun Shik
-Kim Yi Kyung as Hee Jin
-Lee Jin Hee as Kim Bok Hee
-Park Seung Tae

Reason to watch Here’s My Plan

Also known as Got A Goal, MBC’s latest drama has aired in mid-May 2021. Although it only lasts 4 episodes, KDrama Here’s My Plan has a synopsis that is no less interesting than other dramas. Tells the story of a girl who has a strong desire to take revenge on those who have wronged her. He considers that they are responsible for the suffering of his life now.

1. Here’s My Plan is a drama that won the Best Work award at the 2020 MBC Drama Scenario Competition, as well as receiving praise from the judges for its interesting plot
2. This drama is also suitable for those of you who don’t like long durations because it only has 4 episodes
3. Tells the story of a girl named Lee So Hyun, a 19-year-old young girl who makes ends meet by pickpocketing
4. He always believed that his life had been miserable and full of suffering. Therefore, So Hyun created a project called the ‘Happiness Ruin Project’ to take revenge on the people who used to make it difficult for her.
5. In this drama too, you will see the presence of child actress Kim Hwan Hee after Beautiful World and When The Weather Is Fine
6. He will co-star with actor Ryu Soo Young, who was previously on hiatus for two years after his last drama Love on Sadness in 2019 ago.
7. Ryu Soo Young will play the character of Lee Jae Young, a 20-year-old young man who is friendly and has a sincere heart. He also runs a small chicken restaurant
8. You will see interesting chemistry between a kind-hearted restaurant owner and a young and vengeful pickpocket
9. Not only that, this drama will be more crowded with the presence of several other well-known actors such as Kim Do Hoon, Lee Young Jin, and Lee Jin Hee

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