Review Drama: Korean Drama True Beauty

Review Drama: Korean Drama True Beauty.

Synopsis True Beauty

True Beauty tells the story of high school boy Lim Jukyung who gets bullied by his friends because his appearance is judged not to meet beauty standards. The bullying was so severe that Lim Jukyung almost committed suicide. Fortunately, due to the family’s financial condition, Lim Jukyung ended up changing schools. At her new school, she began to apply makeup so that she looked very beautiful and covered her real face.

Meanwhile, Lee Suho and Han Seojun are best friends who end up fighting because of a misunderstanding. Lee Suho and Han Seojun who were both friends with Lim Jukyung finally fell in love.

Drama Cast

Moon Ga Young as Lim Ju Kyung
Cha Eun Woo as Lee Suho
Hwang In Yeop as Han Seojun
Yoo In Na as Kang So Jin, friend of Lim Jukyung and Lee Suho
Kim Min Ki as Lim Juyoung, Lim Jukyung’s younger brother
Yeo Joo Ha as Han Gowoon, Han Seo Joon’s younger brother
Kang Minah as Soo Ah, Lim Ju Kyung’s best friend
Lee Woo Je as Kim Chorong, Han Seojun’s best friend
Kang Chan Hee as Seyeon, Lee Suho, and Han Seo Jun’s best friend

True Beauty

Review True Beauty

Lim Jukyung who felt frustrated and sad because he was constantly bullied, finally learned makeup and applied it in his daily life. After putting on makeup, Lim Jukyung became very beautiful like an angel. It was then that at his new school, he felt accepted. Many of his friends praised him and many also wanted to be friends.

Yes, in high school, what is needed are simple things, right? Friends, and confession.
So remember the words of Chef Renatta: Why do we need recognition from people when we are beautiful?

How tiring was Lim Jukyung’s life at school, having to keep wearing makeup and doing this and that so she wouldn’t find out her makeup was fading. Even traveling around the house, I was afraid that my friends would find out when I wasn’t wearing makeup. Those who watch it are tired. WANT TO WHEN?

A true friendship story

Because the setting of this drama is indeed a lot in the classroom and at school, the Korean drama True Beauty has succeeded in creating the characteristics and characters of its students.

Moreover, each of the main characters here has their gang, who are successful with their characters.

Lim Jukyung, who is friends with Soo Ah and Kang So Jin, can be said to be in the ‘beautiful gang’ category. Even so, the three of them were very friendly and fun. Soo Ah who although not very smart but very cheerful and very sincere. The type of person who will be the saddest when his friend is hurt. Meanwhile, So Jin, who is smart and brave, doesn’t hesitate to come forward to defend those who are cornered.

Suho, who at the beginning of the episode lived alone, finally found his friends. Basically, in high school, was not a word that often existed. Suho, who is annoying and cold, turns out to be still not shunned by his friends or being bullied.

Apart from that, Suho’s cuteness doesn’t make sense.
Salute to the character of Suho’s friends who are not happy even though Suho rarely smiles. They are still funny and do stupid things around Suho.

Especially Seojun’s gang friendship. Funny. It’s really fun to have friends like Sojun’s gang. Typical of a gang that is labeled negative, but they are nice and innocent doing stupid things.

Such a natural family story

Lim Jukyung has a beautiful and kind older sister, while there is one younger brother who is funny.

Perhaps the best part of the drama True Beauty is the Jukyung family. How a father always defends his children, how a mother with all her words, how an older brother protects his younger siblings, and how a sister who is the most mischievous but can never see her brother hurt.

Every scene of Lim Jukyung’s family is so natural and related to many people. True Beauty presents many moments of how your family will be the number 1 person who defends and supports you.

Even right at the end of the episode, I cried too when I saw the scene of Jukyung’s mother crying seeing her child hurt.

Seriously, prepare a tissue because even though the duration of the scene is not long, you touch it until the episode ends.

The light drama that raises the issue of “self-love”

Selflove or self-love, a popular social issue among millennials and gen z. Through “True Beauty” we know that Jung-Kyung has a problem with accepting a physical shape that doesn’t match the standard of beauty, as a result, she becomes despised by her peers and this makes her depressed. Even in the drama series Jung-Kyung almost committed suicide, but he has a strong desire to live and fight to be better than before. Finally, she found confidence through make-up. According to him, make-up can make Jung-Kyung more confident to make friends with anyone.

Lee Su-ho, the male lead who looks fine with his physical perfection, actually has a dark side that makes his attitude cold, and doesn’t seem to care about other people. He feels responsible for the death of his closest friend. This makes Su-ho indifferent to his surroundings, as a result, he has no friends. Behind his physical perfection and intelligence in school lessons, there is a complicated problem that he keeps to himself.

Han Seo-Jun, another main character who has a grudge against Su-Ho. He felt that Su-ho was the cause of their close friend’s death. Seo-Jun’s figure was originally described as a student who likes to “play” motorbikes and fight. However, behind his “terrible” figure, there is a good side to be shown, namely that he is no longer bullying his peers and just like Su-ho he still harbors sadness over the death of his best friend.

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