Review Drama: Move to Heaven (2021)

Review Drama: Move to Heaven (2021). This Korean drama which has just been released on Netflix has attracted a million attention. Titled Move to Heaven, this drama succeeded in making the audience burst into tears.

This family drama genre series drains our feelings. Move to Heaven can make us more grateful for the existence of family members.


The drama “Move to Heaven” tells the story of a 20-year-old boy named Geu-ru (Tang Jun-sang). He is a person with Asperger’s syndrome who along with his father (played by Ji Jin-hee) works as a trauma cleaner. This is the job of cleaning the room where someone died, including collecting the deceased’s belongings to be handed over to his family.

As the story progresses, Geu-ru is then handed over to her uncle, Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon), a dirty ex-convict. Sang-gu initially wants to be Geu-ru’s guardian with the motivation of getting his family’s money. But to become a permanent guardian, he must be willing to work with Geu-ru as a trauma cleaner.


Drama: Move To Heaven
Director: Kim Sung-Ho
Writer: Yoon Ji-Ryeon
Network: Netflix
Episodes: 10
Release Date: May 14, 2021

Move to Heaven


Playing an amateur boxer with a good heart and bad-tempered behavior, Lee Je Hoon successfully switches roles from a cool taxi driver to Uncle Sang Gu who is lazy, badass, and not mean.

Tang Joon Sang immediately took a significant role in this drama as Han Geu Ru. The role is also not easy, it must involve observation and character play.

Hong Seung Hee as a supporting actress also recently finished playing in Navillera and took a large portion here well. It’s so nice to see Yoo Na Mu being so kind to Geu Ru.

Ji Jin-Hee is Geu Ru’s father even though he only appeared in the first episode. He succeeded in impressing a dedicated father and managed to educate his son with a good attitude.

 Review Move to Heaven

Wrapped in a very slick and touching story, unfortunately, the audience will be confused by the scene of Geu-Ru’s father’s death in the first episode.

Although the first episode was the saddest episode of the 10 broadcast episodes, the scene where Geu-Ru’s father died was too sudden.

Viewers will be confused in the first episode because the original cause of Geu-Ru’s father’s death was not informed.

We can only see Geu-Ru’s father lying on the street in pain.

There will be some questions that arise, such as whether Geu-Ru’s father has a serious illness? Did Mr. Geu-Ru have a sudden heart attack?

Although it has been warned that Geu-Ru’s father will die soon through several conversations, it will confuse the audience at the beginning of the episode.

Apart from the odd death of Geu-Ru’s father in the first episode, all the chemistry of the players must be applauded and managed to blend into a single unit.

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