[Review] Drama My Roommate is A Gumiho (2021)

[Review] Drama My Roommate is A Gumiho (2021). The drama My Roommate is A Gumiho is a tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama that has just replaced Mouse. This romance comedy drama stars actors Jang Ki-yong, Hyeri and Kang Han-na. Directed by Nam Sung-woo (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, 100 Days My Prince, Kkondae Intern) and written by tvN’s Ugly Young-A writing duo Baek Sun-woo and Choi Bo-rim. You can watch it on iQiyi’s OTT Legal service.

Synopsis My Roommate is A Gumiho

My Roommate is A Gumiho tells the story of Shi Woo-yeo (Jang Ki-Yong), a nine-tailed fox demon who wants to turn into a fully human. He is 999 years old and must collect 1000 soul marbles from women by kissing them. He experienced various professions during his life. In 2020 he is a famous writer and lecturer in the humanities field. He tries to stay away from relationships with women because he is getting tired of chasing soul marbles, he prefers to wait for his 1000 marbles to become blue marbles, a situation where he will become fully human.


Drama Title: My Roommate Is Gumiho
Genre / Theme: Romantic, Comedy, Fantasy
Number of Episodes:16 episodes Eps
Release:26 May 2021 to 1 July 2021
Airing Daily: Wednesday & Thursday, 10:30 p.m. KST

My Roommate is A Gumiho


Lee Dam (Hyeri), is a student of cultural arts. He lives with his sister who is trying to pass college exams. Lee Dam is famous for his social butterfly and humor. She is a typical cheerful and outspoken woman.

One day Lee Dam was hanging out with his college friends, he tried to accompany one of his friends who had just broken up. Do Jae-jin, his friend, turns out to be very drunk. Lee Dam had to take her home. Jae-jin has an unusual drunken habit, of course, this makes Lee Dam trouble. Jae-jin runs away drunk and he vomits in the luxury car, leaving Lee Dam in shock.

The owner of the car was Shi Woo-yeo. Woo-yeo knows Lee Dam and his friends are students, so he forgives them and tells them to go home immediately. Unexpectedly Lee Dam’s feet tripped and almost fell, Woo-yeo tried to help him. However, Lee Dam’s hand accidentally hit Woo-yeo’s chest and caused a soul marble he had stored into Lee Dam’s body, then he fainted. This is where their story begins.

Review My Roommate is A Gumiho

Hyeri’s acting has not been satisfactory for remote episodes. Hyeri’s character is similar to her character in Reply 1988, but the scene in this drama is still balanced for the proportions of romance and comedy. Unfortunately, Hyeri’s acting still feels a bit bland in the romance and drama scenes. Like Kang Han-na, her character here is a narcissistic but on female gumiho. If the tone of the voice wasn’t made softer and in a saeguk style, I think it would be even better. Then, what about Jang Ki-Yong? Yes, he is handsome. Hahaha

The shooting technique in this drama is a little strange, maybe because I’m not used to it. The close-up technique as if talking to the audience is rarely used for conversation scenes in Korean dramas. The director seems to like exploring since he was at Kkondae Intern. On the other hand, I’m a little afraid of the plotting of the story, because both writers are comedy specialists. Hopefully, my worries will not be proven in the future.

At its premiere, My Roomate is A Gumiho managed to achieve a high rating of 5.8% but dropped drastically in episode 2, to 4.3%. The drama My Roommate is A Gumiho is sponsored by China, one of the strong reasons why this rating has dropped. The production team has tried to cut the PPL of Chinese products in this drama. This is also one of the reasons why Mouse didn’t end soon because My Roomate is A Gumiho had to be re-edited to keep it safe airing in Korea.

I believe the drama My Roomate is A Gumiho should have aired on JTBC because this drama was produced by Drama House & JTBC Studios in collaboration with Zium Content, then Studio Dragon was taken over so that it moved to broadcast on tvN and was sponsored by iQiyi for its streaming service. Gils, that’s a lot of teams!

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