Review Korean Drama: Oh My Ladylord

Review Korean Drama: Oh My Ladylord. Starting March 24, MBC will air their latest drama, Oh My Ladylord. This drama will fill the airing slot of The Spy Who Loves Me which ended some time ago.

Lee Min-Ki, who previously played in The Lies Within, will be the main character in this drama along with Nana from the drama Into The Ring.


Title:! / o jooinnim / Oh My Lady Lord / Oh My Master / Oh Master
Genre: Comedy, Romantic
Country: South Korea
Director: Oh Da Young
Screenwriter: Jo Jin Kook
Production house: –
TV Channels: MBC, iQiyi
Number of Episodes: 16
Runtime: 24 March 2021 – 13 May 2021
Showtimes: Wednesday and Thursday at 21.20 Korean time or 19.20 WIB

Synopsis Oh My Ladylord

Tells the story of a famous romantic comedy actress, Oh Joo In, who is rising in popularity.

Unfortunately, in real life, he can’t date, even though he wants to. Although he appears to have a glamorous life on the outside, he is a very humble person and keeps a deep secret.

One day, circumstances forced Oh Joo In and Han Bi Soo to live under the same roof. What happened to them? Will their meeting bring about a change in their lives?

Oh My Ladylord drama

Character Oh My Ladylord

1. Lee Min Ki

This time, Lee Min-Ki will take on the role of Han Bi Soo, a popular thriller drama screenwriter. His disposition can change drastically when he is in love. But behind it all, Han Bi Soo has a wound that no one else knows about.

As a result of this trauma, Han Bi Soo has a motherly instinct that makes anyone unable to turn away from her. Han Bi Soo is also described as a ‘naughty man but can show a soft side after meeting Oh Joo In (After School’s Nana. Due to a condition, Han Bi Soo rents a house and lives with Oh Joo In.

2. Oh Joo In

The character played by After School’s Nana named Oh Joo In, is a popular actress who is loved by many men and is free-spirited. Since he was 17 years old, Oh Joo In has always been a protector for his mother. She is a daughter figure who is willing to do anything to make her mother happy.

Even though Oh Joo In appears to be living a flashy life on the outside, he is kind-hearted. Through this new role, After School’s Nana will show a more mature appearance as an actress by showing off Oh Joo In’s glamorous side, relaxed nature, and deep emotions.

Turning to love affairs, Oh Joo Inexperienced many difficulties. She wants to date the man she likes, but can’t because of her celebrity status. Where every movement is often in the spotlight.

3. Kang Min Hyuk

While Kang Min Hyuk plays Jung Yoo Jin, the son of a conglomerate or third-generation chaebol of the owner of a cosmetics company. During this time, he is said to have studied in France. Jung Yoo Jin is a visualization of the perfect man with talent, wealth, good looks, and a warm personality.

Jung Yoo Jin is a calm and strong person. He is more mature than he looks. Then he is also an old friend of Oh Joo In. Just like most romantic comedy dramas, Oh My Ladylord will present a love triangle story between Han Bi Soo, Oh Joo In, and Jung Yoo Jin.

Finally, the synopsis of Oh My Ladylord’s story is very similar to the drama that also starred Lee Min-Ki titled Because This Is My First Life (2017). The reason is, the character played by the actor happens to both face a woman who lives in the same house with him. The two are not related.

In the drama, Because This Is My First Life, Lee Min-Ki plays a cold office worker named Nam Se Hee. While in Oh My Ladylord, it seems that he will play a character that is much more cheerful than Nam Se Hee. We’ll just have to wait!

Meanwhile, Oh My Ladylord episode 1 is ready to premiere on Wednesday, March 24, 2021. The drama, starring Lee Min Ki, After School’s Nana, and CNBLUE’s Kang Min Hyuk, can be watched on MBC as well as the iQIYI streaming platform.

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