So Not Worth It: The Noisy Life of International Students Wrapped in a Comedy for Money

So Not Worth It: The Noisy Life of International Students Wrapped in a Comedy for Money. Netflix broadcasts a Korean sitcom entitled So Not Worth It which tells the story of the love and friendship of students living in international university dormitories. In Indonesia, the picture is more or less like International Class.

There are eight main characters of Daehan International University students. Se Wan (Park Se Wan) is a teaching assistant and she is in charge of managing international students in the dormitory.

He has a bright personality and can take advantage of other students’ circumstances to earn extra money. One of them is Jamie (Shin Hyun Seung), an American student.

Jamie shares a room with Sam (GOT7’s Youngjae) who is Korean-Australian, the son of the owner of many tteokbokki restaurants. There is also Minnie (Minnie (G)I-DLE) who plays the character of a student from Thailand and is a big fan of Korean dramas.

Minnie has a crush on Jamie, to the point of being jealous of Jamie and Se Wan’s closeness. Almost at every opportunity, Minnie brings out the theories she gets from Korean drama stories. It’s a drama victim.

Then there is Hyun Min (Han Hyun Min) a Korean student who is not eligible to live in an international dormitory. But he can live in the dormitory to replace Terris (Terris Brown) who lives at his girlfriend’s house.

Hyun Min shares a room with Hans (Yoa Kim), a graduate student who is very law-abiding and very calculating with his belongings. Similar to Hans, there is Carson (Carson Allen) who is known to be relaxed but can be very emotional if someone takes his belongings without his knowledge.

The sitcom So Not Worth It depicts the dynamics of their dorm life which is peppered with various small incidents. Like Hans, who was so excited about losing his shampoo that he wanted to report it to the police, even though he only had three drops of shampoo left.

And other cases that are presented with a comedy wrap in each episode. So Not Worth It totals 12 episodes of 30 minutes each, which the marathon can already watch on Netflix.

So Not Worth It

3 Lines in the Sitcom ‘So Not Worth It’ That Breaks Korean Drama Stereotypes

1. The concept of a handsome and perfect boy a la is not here

Do you know what Kim Tan in The Heirs, Hwang Sun-oh in Love Alarm, and Jin-woo in Memories of Alhambra have in common? They are all equally handsome, rich, reliable, just perfection is in them. Whenever the female lead needed help, they were always there. Their nature is also cool like the coolness of an opened refrigerator.

In So Not Worth It, that kind of guy doesn’t exist. Eobseo. The main character, Jamie, is handsome and rich. But from the very beginning of the episode, he’s been doing things that no drama boy has ever done. He was constipated until he passed out and had urinated in the corner of the room. The student from the United States is also too innocent and does not understand the situation. He always thought that he was in danger after watching the news of North Korea firing missiles at South Korea. As a result, he came out of the bathroom wearing a towel after hearing a fire simulation siren which he thought was a sign of danger. Even though the South Koreans are just normal.

Sam is no less miraculous. The character, played by GOT7’s Youngjae, really likes to lie. If Vincenzo always uses his head to show his capacity and capability, Sam always makes up fictional stories to make his friends laugh. Sam also really likes to pass air carelessly. If a character with a habit like Sam is present in a drama, it must have affected the co-star and the audience.

2. Korea (not) as dream country

Hey, who wants to travel to South Korea after seeing it? After watching a drama that displays the aesthetics of Hanok Village, the view of Jeju Island, the glitter of Itaewon, to the love lock in Namsan, we will be tempted to play there one day.

I was surprised when I watched So Not Worth It because, in one of the episodes, this sitcom shows the dark side of South Korea. No, not the part of South Korea that has not been hit by electricity. So, Hans, a student from Sweden, was suddenly approached by two people claiming to be researchers. After being spoken to by Fafifu Wasweswos, Hans was persuaded to perform a ritual. The two researchers turned out to be members of a cult in disguise. I immediately felt related because I was almost cheated like Hans. About this, I will tell you another time, xixixi. But this is the reality in South Korea, many cults recruit immigrants.

According to the international students on this sitcom, South Korea is both a conservative country and an exaggeration. Carson once complained about the people of South Korea who think that being ugly is a sin, that’s why many people do plastic surgery to meet the expectations of beauty standards there. Surviving in Korea is also not easy. The cost of living there is quite high and requires students who are struggling economically to work part-time to increase their pocket money. If Se-wan says, “Some are crazy about partying, some are crazy about work.” Life in South Korea is not as beautiful as BTS’s “Spring Day” MV, Say.

3. Say no to “complicated love”

Most dramas, especially those in the romance genre, must have a long, complicated, and confusing love story for the characters, like trigonometry. The male and female characters are made very difficult to unite. They have to overcome various obstacles such as getting the blessing of the family, defeating the antagonist, or fighting fate. When parting always involves tears.

Meanwhile, in the sitcom So Not Worth It, the love stories of some of the characters look easy and carefree. For example, the love story of Kang Jun-Yeong and Han Hyun-min’s sister, Han Hyun-a. Jun-Yeong and Hyun-min have a bad relationship. Jun-Yeong also recently met Hyun-a. Why, when Hyun-a was waiting for the bus, Jun-Yeong suddenly shot her. The funny thing is, Hyun-a accepted Jun-Yeong within 3 seconds. Even though Hyun-min’s friends try to win Hyun-a’s heart in various ways. But Hyun-a fell into Jun-Yeong’s arms instead.

There is also Carson, an international student who is dating a Korean who is currently in the military. When he found out that he was being cheated on, Carson finished all his grudges on the spot. She never bursts into tears or shuts herself up after a breakup. He immediately moved on and did not regret the relationship because he thought that during those courtship days he had loved his ex with all his heart. Now is the time to let it go.

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