Synopsis and Showtimes of the Latest Korean Drama Joy Red Velvet

Synopsis and Showtimes of the Latest Korean Drama Joy Red Velvet. Where is Red Velvet’s Joy fan? The idol will be the main character for JTBC’s latest Korean drama ‘Just One Person’.

Launching, Monday (11/22/2021) the following is a synopsis and broadcast schedule for Joy Red Velvet’s newest drama.

Synopsis Just One Person

‘Just One Person’ is an emotional romantic drama about 3 young women who contract serious illnesses.

They meet at the hospital and have one common goal to defeat the bad guy in his life before he dies.

However, instead of destroying 1 bad person, these three women met one figure who left a good impression on their lives.

Recently, the JTBC drama through its Youtube channel has released a trailer for this drama.

Pyo In Sook (Ahn Eun Jin), Kang Se Yeon (Kang Ye Won), and Sung Mi Do (Joy Red Velvet) came to the beach while enjoying the splashing of the beach water.

Sung Mi Do is a famous influencer who always records her activities on camera.

On the other hand, Pyo In Sook and Kang Se Yeon enjoyed the warm weather of the beach without holding their cellphones.

Just One Person

Having vastly different personalities, backgrounds, and occupations, these three young ladies seemed very close and enjoyed their free time very well.

The production team said that this drama can be watched by drama lovers starting on December 20, 2021.

This drama is suitable as a weekend show while enjoying the long Christmas and New Year holidays.

“Next December 20, the magical journey of three women linked by the same fate will begin.”

“Please share this very special moment because In-Suk, Se Yeon, and Mi Do, who met at the end of their lives, became ‘us’ through a series of events,” said the production team.

‘Just One Person’ will air at 23:00 KST or around 21:00 WIB on JTBC TV station.


Kim Kyung Nam plays the male lead Min Woo Chun, a mysterious assassin who has walked a painful and difficult path in life. Kim Kyung Nam has faithfully transformed into his new role with his solid acting skills. In particular, Ahn Eun Jin and Kim Kyung Nam impressed the cast and crew with the way they portrayed the romance between Pyo In Sook and Min Woo Chan.

Kang Ye Won showed off his outstanding acting skills through his new character Kang Se Yeon, a housewife who is between life and death. This actress will blow up Kang Se Yeon’s life and make viewers sympathize with her difficult situation.

Red Velvet’s Joy takes on the role of Sung Mi Do, a famous influencer who will not live long. With her detailed acting and firm voice, she portrays Sung Mi Do’s complex emotions. The drama’s producers commented: “Energy is unique because this is the first [script reading] of actors who deeply understand the drama’s purpose to convey a lot of comfort through the story that we imagined what would happen if we faced our deaths. It was a time where we could check the sincerity of the cast and crew of the drama. We will do our best to ensure that the videos will be filled with all their sincerity and energy. Please show lots of interest and love until the first episode.”

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